Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mother Nature’s April Fools joke

Here in South Texas we’re having record high temperatures.

Well, they’re in the upper 80s, so they’re not exactly scorching, but it’s still pretty warm. Carol and I walked 18 holes at the golf course this afternoon, and our clothes were damp when we got home.

And no, it didn’t rain on us! It was just warm and humid.

But what got me thinking about an April fools joke is the fact that the June Bugs are out in force right now. Not quite swarming, but in significant numbers.

June bugs? In April? Isn’t that a month early... or maybe two? Or is it the fact that April and June both have 30 days, and we just turned all the clocks an hour ahead, so the bugs are confused?

THAT makes sense. Or does it? Now I’M confused. But I confuse pretty easily sometimes.

Last night I asked Carol, “Do we fall forward, and spring back? Or is it spring forward and fall back?” We looked in the local paper, and the article there assured us to spring forward. But the VERY NEXT article warned us to beware of April fools jokes, so we weren’t sure.

This morning we checked the Weather Channel on TV, and it appears that we were correct to move our clocks forward. Unless the Weather Channel is ALSO playing an April fools joke on us.

In any case, as I write this, my computer, my watch, and my cell phone ALL tell me it’s 6:00 P.M. But I don’t know if I should believe ANY of them, given what I know about the ongoing conspiracy.

Well, tomorrow morning when I get to work I’ll either be on time or an hour early. Then I’ll know. Unless the others in the office are all playing April fools jokes on me. And they would! They’re like that.

But back to Mother Nature. I fear that she is sending us this unseasonably warm weather to soften us up for Easter weekend when Carol and I plan to go out of town in our camper to golf in the Texas hill country.

Then we’ll probably have frost! Or snow.

That would be a REAL April fools joke. (They need to schedule the time change for some day other than April 1!)


Robin said...

Hahahaha!!! This was really funny!!

Jodi said...

Great post. We got a nice BIG snowstorm a while back on April Fools Day.
Not so funny.

kenju said...

John, I did get rain this morning; lots of lightning and thunder and probably at least an inch of rain. That is the first time we have had lightning in about 2-3 months. I tried to send it back down to you - but it insisted on going out to sea. Sorry!

Michelle said...

So you confuse easily do you. Okay so how about this. I have to adjust the time on my MT software to co-ordinate with you folk springing forward on your clocks. And only because we go on GMT (Greenwich Meantime just in case you are confused). I have to adjust it by one hour forward but still being behind. So if I am behind why should I adjust it forward? Just because GMT tells me to? We dont have daylight savings hour here coz .... we are the size of Texas - too small a country for moving clocks backwards and forwards. Anyhoo, now instead of being 2 hours ahead of GMT (not Gin m Tonic), I am now 1 hour ahead of the Brits which also makes you one hour closer to me. Confused? You should be because I am.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Come again?


Michelle said...

So you confuse easily do you. Okay so how about this. I have to adjust the time on my MT software to co-ordinate with ......

Oh, you did not mean that literally. I am confused. LOL.

Have a grand Monday, John.