Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A morning off from golf

Wednesday morning. I'm parked in the front lot of a Super 8 Motel freeloading their free Wi-Fi. Carol is at a nearby laundromat doing some wash.

This morning was rainy, so we opted to forego at least one round of golf (a MAJOR concession!) and take care of some small needed tasks. If the rain lets up we may play an afternoon round, or we'll just sit in the camper, watch a DVD movie (REALLY roughing it here), and relax.

Yes, for those of you who have commented and asked, we DID get some more of that pecan-crusted trout Monday evening, and it was JUST as good as we remembered it.

We are now just outside of the little town of Cordele, GA at Georgia Veterans State Park, where we will stay untin Friday morning when we head south to Tampa. We'll visit my other daughter, her husband and our grandson there, and then drive around the Gulf of Mexico back to Texas. The plan is to arrive home on Tuesday, 9/19.

The trip has been nearly perfect so far, except for a few little problems like that power cord plug. Oh, and a blown fuse. No biggies though. (Rob, PLEASE keep "those things" on YOUR side of the Atlantic for one more week!)

I still haven't had the time to browse your blogs and comment, but I promise that I'll get caught up when we get home. Thanks (really) to all of you who are checking in and commenting. It means a lot to know that y'all are keeping up with this trip and enjoying it with us.

Oh, a quick teaser before I go... During Monday's golf we saw, and Carol got several very nice pictures of, some wild turkeys. (No, not the human kind). Those and other pictures will be displayed upon our return home.


Candace said...

"Shots of Wild Turkey?" Don't those come in a bottle?

M.E Ellis said...

Ooooh! Look forward to the turkey pics!


Faith said...

Read about your problem with the prong dragged behind the camper. Glad you got that fixed.

It's been raining here for the past couple of days too.

kenju said...

Dreary rain here today too, John, but we need it badly.

Christina said...

I was going to say something clever about shots of Wild Turkey, but Candace beat me to it.

It has been raining every afternoon here for the past couple weeks. Last time I checked the forecast though, this weekend is supposed to be pretty nice. Don't bring the rain with you!

Badabing said...

Sounds like you all are having a great time. Once you get home you'll probably need a vacation from all that driving :-)

Dang...candace & christina both beat me to the wild turkey comments ;-)