Sunday, September 24, 2006

A wedding

On a more pleasant note than my last post, Carol and I attended a wedding yesterday.

Our dear friend and good golfing buddy Ruth tied the knot with Donnie Brown, one of the nicest men you can imagine.

Ruth reads this blog, and I have posted before about her and Donnie (somewhat to her embarrassment). Over the years we have known her she has become almost like a sister to the two of us. She was the first non-family member to get an official Earle Family Ski Sweater, hand-made by Carol and with a Certificate of Authenticity. She traveled with us to Hawaii back in the late 1990s and has shared sleeping space with us in our camper as we’ve taken weekend golfing trips to other Texas locations in recent years.

If you are a long-time reader you’ll remember some of the pictures I’ve posted of the wedding cakes she has designed and made.

Ruth and Carol have a lot in common. Each is a perfectionist in the projects they undertake. They have actually worked together on a few tasks, like putting down ceramic tile on Ruth’s back patio. She asked Carol to take pictures of her wedding, and actually scheduled the ceremony to take place after our vacation trip!

The service and reception were held outdoors at the country home of one of Ruth’s children. The theme of the entire affair was golf. Yes, Donnie is also an avid golfer—that was one of Ruth’s requirements for a husband! They arrived together in a (real) golf cart, complete with bags of clubs on the back. On each bag was a towel with...

Well, here’s a picture.

And here's the cake she designed and made for the reception:

Yes, that's a representation of an actual par 3 hole on our home course here in Victoria. Is that lady talented, or what?

One last picture. This is where the ceremony took place:

The weather was warm and humid, but attire was casual and a steady breeze was blowing (note the blue flag).

A great day for a wonderful, positive event!


Karyn Lyndon said...

I LOVE it! Who are the best caddy and the (beer) maid of honor?

schnoodlepooh said...

Very very cool.

Does this have anything to do with that "Dick & Jane" romance that you posted about previously?

Valkyrie said...

OHMIGOD look at that cake!! That is something incredible. Oh, and you *TOTALLY* have to post pictures of what the "Family Ski Trip" sweaters look like!

kenju said...

That cake is amazing, and as you might suspect, I have seen hundreds of them. Wow!

M.E Ellis said...

Oh wow, that cake! Reminds me of when I used to ice cakes for a living. I have no desire to do it again, but seeing someone elses creation is just lovely!


Badabing said...

What a wonderfully creative idea...and that cake is over the top!

Candace said...

Amazing cake, and wonderful idea all the way around!
Congrats to the happy couple.