Friday, September 08, 2006

Out of touch

On a trip like this one, time is always at a premium. We are driving long distances to visit family and friends in far-flung locations. Well, far-flung from our home and from each other.

We spent another two full days in Chicago with daughter Amy and s.i.l. Tom after the surprise birthday party described in the last post. One day (Sunday) was sunny and bright, and we were outdoors roaming the downtown area for most of the day. After dinner one of Amy’s friends came to her apartment and we viewed pictures of the friend’s recent trip to Japan, and then talked until my bedtime. I say “my” because Amy and Tom and friend Julia could have stayed up much longer.

The next day, Labor Day, was rainy. We spent much of the late morning and all afternoon in the Field Museum of Natural History viewing the King Tut exhibit, currently on tour/loan to various US museums from Egypt. It’s a fantastic display of gallery after gallery of many of the most famous artifacts from the pharaoh’s tomb, including more gold than I have seen in one place in a long time.

That night we went back to our camper for an early next-day departure. No Wi-Fi in that campground, and we didn’t want to drive around seeking an unsecured signal due to the pounding thunderstorm we were under.

Tuesday (day after Labor Day) we drove the 5-6 hours to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and spent the rest of that day visiting with Carol’s cousin Linda and her husband Les. They have cable broadband internet at their house, but there was no appropriate time for me to plug my computer in or use theirs for blogging.

On Wednesday, Les and Linda took us on a 350 mile tour of southern Michigan, including all three meals on the road. We saw Sleeping Bear National Park on the Lake Michigan shore, among other sights. We didn’t make it back to their home until after dark and needed to get to bed early for an early start on the next day’s travel.

(Yes, pictures will be forthcoming, but not tonight. Guess why….

Yep, not enough time.)

Yesterday (Thursday) we were up at 5, on the road by 6, and didn’t arrive at our destination (campground in Lexington, VA) until just before dark. Thirteen and one half hours of driving!

Then, today, we spent all day visiting with my mother (90) and sister here in Lexington. We are now back in our camper preparing for bed.


So… I’ll post when I can and get pictures ready as soon as possible. Maybe I’ll be able to make the rounds of all of your blogs soon also. I hope so.

I feel so out of touch.


Monica said...

Today was my son's Carol and Jeremy share a great birthday month!

Take care and keep having a fun trip.

Candace said...

Oh sure, leave us here in the dark. Excuses, excuses.

Anonymous said...

We miss you of course but it's so wonderful that you're having such a great time!

Anonymous said...


4 days of you not posting and I had a big dose of the "C" this week. Firstly my oven stopped working, well it cooks but only at 100 degrees.

Secondly my Tv ariel fell off, thirdly while driving to work I hear a clunk and then it sounds like somone was under my car sawing something off,

Then lastly playing soccer football someone kicked the ball at my knee and my knee popped out.

Glad your holiday is going well, sounds like a great trip.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading up on your road trips. Makes me get out the map and follow the route. Am looking forward to seeing the photographs when you get back home.

Safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are having a great time.

The King Tut relics were on display in Boston several years at the Museum of Science. Not before or since have they had crowds of that size.

kenju said...

Were you able to take photos at the Tut exhibit? We were supposed to see it in January in Lauderdale, but that didn't pan out. Now we are planning to see it in Philly, in Feb., I think. I cannot wait!
Have a good and safe rest of the trip, John, and fire up Carol's camera too. I am looking forward to the photos!