Friday, September 01, 2006

First stop -- Chicago!

Well, we’ve arrived.

No, not in the universal sense of having attained all of our goals. We’ve just made it to Chicago.

I’m typing this at my daughter’s dining room table looking out at the lake and part of downtown and the park from 42 stories up in the sky. In the past year I’d forgotten just how dramatic this view is.

The getting here was uneventful, again. 335 miles today to the spot where we dropped off our camper and van. Amy came to pick us up and bring us into town. Then we shopped for groceries and fought the traffic to make it into the big city center.

Plans for tonight are to go out for Mexican food with Amy and husband Tom, and their two good friends Rhett and Julia (who we’ve not yet met).

Amy tells us that Rhett’s mother’s favorite movie of all time is “Gone with the Wind.” Figure that one out. No go ahead and think about it. Funny.

We have no specific plans for tomorrow except dinner plans. More on that Sunday. Carol took a bunch of pictures of Amy’s apartment (some new furniture since last year) and the view from her windows, so maybe, when she has time to review and edit them, you’ll get a peek.

Time to go to dinner. Bye!


Viki said...

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! The weather could not possibly be better for your visit. Ignore those thundershower forecasts. Anything under 50% probability can be ignored. Enjoy your time here!

Karyn Lyndon said...

You drove all the way from Texas to Chicago to eat Mexican food? Figure that one out. No go ahead and think about it. Funny.

M.E Ellis said...

Rhett...good grief!

Have fun!


Christina said...

"Gone With the Wind" huh? I was wondering what would possess a mother to name her child Rhett. No offense intended, if Rhett actually reads this, but come on. Is there a sister named Scarlett or Melanie?

I hope you're still in the mood for Mexican food when you get to Florida, as tghere is a good place right down the street we were hoping to take you to!

Christina said...

Karyn, good point. hahahahaha!