Saturday, December 16, 2006

All you northerners, take note!

Today we had sunny skies, gentle breezes, and a high of 82. The golf course beckoned, and we followed its siren song.

I'm thinking of you, Kirsten, as I write this. But don't despair; you can make fun of me next summer when YOU'RE enjoying 70s and 80s and we're suffering through 110+. Or when a hurricane is threatening.

Tomorrow's weather should be similar to today's.

Let's just hope the golf is better. I think Carol and I were both feeling the effects of last night's Christmas party.

At MY party, the bar of decency stayed pretty high. Unlike T's party, where it evidently was lowered considerably. Wish I could get a copy of the video of the "naughty nurses" skit. (Hint).

And unlike Christina, I wasn't named "Employee of the Year" at my party. But my name WAS drawn for one of the nicer door prizes: a $50 gift certificate for what's probably my town's only "upscale" restaurant.

We'll definitely enjoy that! Even if it gets cold here (like in upstate New York), and we can't play golf some weekend. But what are the odds of THAT happening?


kenju said...

We've had some great weather too, John. It will be 70* today and 75* tomorrow. Seems kind of hard to get into the spirit of Christmas with the warmth, but I am not wishing it away. It's nice to win something - enjoy your good dinner!

Candace said...

Yeah, miserable winter we're having down here. (WHAT global warming?!)

Christina said...

We've had highs around 80 here the past week.

Hale McKay said...

We've been in the 40s & 50s - not as nice as the weather you are having - but for December in New England it's great!

Enjoy the weather and the links.

schnoodlepooh said...

Glad you had a "decent" party. Mine was pretty good also - some drunkenness, some silliness, but nothing too scandalous, so I guess that makes it a success. Now in the weather department, it's a different story. High winds blew some shingles off of my roof and blew out my power for a night and a day, but sadly, I'm one of the lucky ones. The dog school people are out of power for at least another week. It is a disaster zone in that area with power poles toppled and lines tangled on the ground beneath them. Not good.