Friday, December 15, 2006

Party Time

Tonight's my company's Christmas Party.

We've rented a hall -- well, more of a barn, actually -- and arranged for a catered dinner of turkey and ham with lots of trimmin's, followed by a live band to dance to.

Last year we had a "family" party with Santa on hand for the kids (and a few adults who like to act like kids), hay rides, a big outdoor bonfire, a nice dinner with lots of door prizes, and that was it. Party over. No alcohol.

Tonight, in contrast, it's an "adult" party with a set-up bar and beer available, and the live music.

Not being much of a party animal, I enjoyed the family setting of last year. Tonight Carol and I probably won't stay past the band's first set.

Hey, it's supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow, and we don't want to be hung over on the golf course!



Christina said...

Priorities? HA! Go have fun at the party.

kenju said...

My way of thinking would be that you can play golf anytime, but you can only attend a holiday party once a year!

But......whatever floats your boat!