Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Do I sense some?

In the comments and -- yes -- emails! I think I'm picking up a bit of tongue-in-cheek there.

Do you honestly think this is a laughing matter? Consider this:

Sports injuries happen every day, to multitudes of people. Did you know that sports injuries, often involving the actual sports equipment, are the leading cause of disability among both men and women under the age of 45?

(Actually I just made that up. But it COULD be true, if we all let our guards down!)

Yeah, I know, getting whacked by a golf ball sounds funny. And true, nothing serious happened. THIS TIME!!

But next time the ball could hit one of those "sensitive spots" that Karyn mentioned.

And get this: I have read of a man who actually killed himself by swinging a golf club at a ball that was too close to a tree. No, the BALL didn't hit him. The club shaft hit the tree in his follow-through, wrapped around the small trunk, and the club head broke off of the steel shaft with a sharp piece of shaft protruding from the hosel and impaled him in the neck. He bled to death! (I did NOT make that up, btw).

And Kirsten, don't think the cold weather can save you! Think about all the basketball injuries, and skiing, and ice skating, and... Well, you get the picture. You say you show the sports equipment who's boss by your winter quarantine? Well, I say you just give it a rest to gather its strength and make strategy!

So beware, readers everywhere. Another link to the "C" has now revealed itself.

Will it never end?? Will any of us survive?? How long will you continue to doubt!!?

(I think I need to find my "happy pills" and swallow a few.)

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Anonymous said...

I believe you. That's why I'm going to sit in my chair in front of the TV. I am a little worried that the remote might get a short and electricute me. I'll take my chances.