Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A difficult post

I thought I’d post another poem upon my blog today.
But as I sat to write I found my muse had fled away.

I tried to think of topics that would lend themselves, just right,
To meter, rhyme, and humor, thus producing great delight

In each of you who read it. But as hard as I did try,
No subject did present itself. No, each was dull and dry.

I thought about the weather (boring!), maybe... holidays?
Or some sly rhyme about my kids as they went through a phase.

I started several; none seemed right. The rhymes just wouldn’t flow.
I even tried a snort of booze (to get a little glow).

It did relax me – that was good – and I began to think
That maybe words would flow if I had, well, just
one more drink.

I tried to be like Viki, who can chug that Grey Goose down
And write this crazy, funny stuff that won’t permit a frown.

I tipped my glass, then tipped again, and tried to get a start.
The keyboard soon became a blur, my focus did depart.

I typed some worrrds but couldn’t make the leters come out rite,
But now I found I didn’t care. It isn’t worth the fite.

I tipp my glas to Viki for her stamin-a and verve,
I’m gonna go and slep this off, it’s throan me quite a curve.

Yu gotta get in practice if yur gonna drink and rite.
Tomorra I’l be back, but now I gotta say g’niteeeee.....



Viki said...


No, really, thanks.

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ throan.


Christina said...

ROFL trying to visualize you drunk and trying to type! You managed a pretty decent poem, though.

kenju said...

Clever, John. I hope you got some sleep.....LOL

Peter said...

Love it John, another one for the collection, thanks.

Karyn Lyndon said...