Friday, December 08, 2006


I've long been a fan of Scott Adams.

You know... The guy who created and draws the Dilbert comic strip.

He is able to capture with brilliance and sometimes subtlety the idiocy that goes on in so many of today's offices and workplaces.

And besides that, he's a man with two first names. Kinda like "John Earle." It's hard to remember which is his first name and which is his last.

This week I think he snapped to the "C" activity that's long been going on around us. Or at least part of it. As all of my regular readers know, the "C" (short for ycaripsnoc -- hint: try it backwards) affects nearly all inanimate objects, not just machines requiring electricity. But in this strip he points out that, given the tendency for all these machines and other objects to really be the ones in charge, changing over to electronic voting machines is just like throwing away any semblance we might have had of controlling our own destiny.

He gets it. Genius!


Christina said...


I love Dilbert comics.

kenju said...

Priceless (but not true, I hope)!!

Faith said...

I'm a devoted Marmaduke and Garfield fan, LOL.

schnoodlepooh said...

oh my gosh, are we back to the "c" word again? No No No. I had such a bad "c" going on in my home that I bought a new car to cure it. Now the computer is acting up. It's all a "c"! They're out to get me! we must find a way to fight back!

Nankin said...

Don't even mention it! Things have been going too well recently.