Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A nice visit

This past weekend we were visited by Les and Linda.

Linda is Carol’s cousin. She and Les (her husband) live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Each winter, at about the first snowfall, Les and Linda pack up their large motor home (referred to as the MOHO) and head south. They will typically stay in RV parks for a few days at a time, visiting relatives and friends as they meander their way towards Arizona.

Linda does NOT like the cold weather.

Unfortunately they picked a bad time to Visit South Texas, because the winter storm that’s plaguing most of the eastern half of the U.S. right now has brought rain, sleet and freezing drizzle to our area. (Maybe Karyn was right; maybe that robin I posted a picture of on January 2 WAS heading to Mexico.)

Anyway, while they were here we spent a considerable number of hours trying to troubleshoot problems with Linda’s Sony laptop computer. Without much luck. Making the attempts even harder was the loss of our cable internet signal last night. That forced another of my calls to the ISP tech support group with umpteen voice prompts, requests for account numbers, last 4 digits of the account holder’s Social Security number, and the usual litany of requests to reboot everything several times, disconnect the cable, connect components in a different sequence, and so on. None of which helped.

The well-trained, patient Customer Support Rep (named Marcie, btw) finally set up an appointment for a live, local technician (as opposed to a dead one?) to come to our house on Wednesday and “fix the problem.”

Okay. We left everything running and went out to dinner (Mexican food – YUM!). When we returned 90 minutes later, everything was working perfectly.

I was tempted to introduce Linda to the “C” but decided against it.

Anyway, for a lot more on Les and Linda including pictures, check out the link at the bottom of the side bar (where it says "click HERE") for the whole Africa trip story.


Christina said...

Don't you just love electronic devices? I posted about my recent episodes with mine.

kenju said...

I ain't sayin' a woid! The same thing happened to my daughter; her computer was not working at all for 2 weeks. She decided to buy a new one, and decided to first turn hers on for one last try - and it worked perfectly. Odd as heck!

robotJAM said...

This is another phenomenon of the "C", it will magically fix itself BUT only when you have called someone in technical support.

The call to technical support is what triggers the reversal.

My theory is technical support are in league with the "C". It keeps them in a job and also makes them look clever when you get them out and it magically is working again.