Sunday, January 28, 2007

We couldn't stand it

So we played golf today despite puddles on some of the fairways. This is the first chance we've had for over two weeks (due to rain), and the last chance we'll have for the NEXT two weeks (due to ski trip).

It wasn't pretty. Our golf was mediocre, and every shot left mud on the club.

But then, back home, we took all the golf paraphernalia out of the van to give it a thorough cleaning (on the inside, anyway). Carol's tasks for the coming week are to bake cookies, and to vacuum out the van.

If she bakes the cookies, I'LL vacuum out the van! No contest!

Little additional snow is forecast for our ski area over the next week, but there's plenty of base snowpack and that's all we need to have fun.

You can tell where my mind is right now. There's a lot going on at work but it's hard to concentrate on that as the vacation looms.

I'll try hard not to daydream TOO much next week, boss. Honest!


Candace said...

Maybe you should take your golf clubs with you.

kenju said...

Please don't talk about the cookies too often - I'm trying to stay off sweets....LOL

Michelle said...

Wish I was going too.

Kirsten said...

every shot left mud on the club

oh dear, I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!!!!!!!

Mud, he's complaining about!!!

At least you can SEE it!!!!!!!