Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vindication... sort of

This weekend I decided to go ahead and do what I’ve been putting off for weeks.

Several of you have taunted me by posting that YOU’VE done it. You've bounded ahead fearlessly where I was loath to go. Some of you had bad experiences with it, but in most cases you were quite pleased with yourselves once you were finished with the process.

In fact, it was based on a few comments I received on THIS VERY BLOG that I finally fell off the fence, jumped off the precipice, swallowed the bitter pill, bit the bullet, uh... (I’m running out of clichés here.)

Anyway, even my very own daughter told me I should do it.

So, against my better judgment (or despite my inertia), I navigated over to the Blogger dashboard and clicked “Switch to the New Version!”

I mean, for weeks Blogger has been urging me to Try The New Beta Version! I was steadfast in my refusal. Hey, I was happy with the OLD Blogger version. I’m not one who gets all gaga over bells and whistles. I read what the new version would supposedly offer and thought, “I don’t need any of that.”

(Aside: Did you notice that "gaga" starts with "gag?")

Would the New Blogger help me write better? Would my material be more humorous? Would I be better looking or have a bigger penis? (Oops! Sorry. Too much spam getting through the spam blocker. Maybe I need to switch to the new and improved version of THAT!)

But now that the new version is OUT of BETA (big flippin’ deal), and everybody seems to be switching (except me), I guess the time has come.

Besides, two of you wrote that you were unable to comment on my blog without doing so anonymously since I still had the old Blogger.

So, okay. I clicked the link. The link took me to a sign-in page and asked me to enter my password. (I wondered why. I had already logged in using that password.) But I did what was asked. I even accepted the “terms of service.”

And guess what happened? When I clicked “Continue” I was taken to a page that told me...

Could not switch you to the new Blogger

Thanks for your interest in the new version of Blogger! Unfortunately, we cannot switch your Blogger account at this time, because one or more of your blogs cannot be moved. Please see our help article for more information.

HA! See there, I CAN’T make the switch. Blogger won’t let me!

Oh, if you’re interested, here’s what the “help article” told me:

Why can't I switch to the new version of Blogger?

While the new version of Blogger is no longer in beta, some users with certain types of blogs will not immediately be able to switch to it. We'll be adding support for these blogs as soon as possible, so everyone can join in the fun. But for now, if you have a very large blog (more than a couple thousand posts + comments), you'll need to hold off for a bit.

Note that, even if your blog is eligible to switch, you may not have the link to do so on your dashboard. We are starting out by just switching over a limited number of accounts, but we'll add more and more as time goes on. However, if you still want to try out the new version of Blogger, what you can do is to visit and create a new account. Later on, you'll be able to merge this account with your original Blogger account.

Thanks for your patience, and we promise it will be worth the wait!

“Thanks for (my) patience?” Awfully presumptuous of them to assume I’m patient!

But I do feel my procrastination has been vindicated.


kenju said...

I had the same exact situation. Doesn't it make you somewhat frustrated that you get in the mood to change and they won't let you? Especially since they have been asking and asking! Everytime I open the Dashboard, they want me to change - and then I decide to do it and they tell me I can't. Doesn't make sense??!!

Candace said...

Wow. Sucks to be you.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Gee, Candace, thanks!

However, what others view as faults and shortcomings I like to think of as endearing character traits.

Carol and I watched (on Turner Movie Classics) the old movie version of West Side Story, one of my all-time favorite musicals for a whole host of reasons. I'm reminded now of Maria singing,

"I feel pretty. Oh so pretty.
I feel pretty, and witty, and bright.
And I pity, any girl who isn't me tonight."


Michelle said...

I have the old version of MT and have no desire to change. Change is when something goes wrong. My MT is working fine (throwing holy water around my computer,kissing the rabbits foot, lighting candles, hanging garlic cloves at the door).

Have a fab week John and say Hi to Carol.

Hale McKay said...

Imagine that! You needn't have been so active in your procastination, not when Blogger will assist you in keeping it alive.

Someday John, someday.

schnoodlepooh said...

What a relief! You don't have to switch after all. And it's not even your fault. Lately, I've been frustrated with my blog and my inability (i.e. stupidity) at not being able to tweak it when I could tweak it on blogger just fine. But I LOVE my URL, so now I can't change either. And I'm not procrastinating. Really I'm not. Now in your case... well, now you're not either. Ha!

Badabing said...

Aha! So my own procrastination has probably been worth it. I've been thinking about doing the upgrade thing but have resisted...something always seems to go wrong.