Sunday, January 07, 2007

Not quite so random

As I half-expected, Dallas managed to find a unique way to lose their wildcard playoff game. In the fourth quarter when the Cowboys had the lead, I mentioned to Carol that they needed a 25 point margin with less than 2 minutes to play before I'd feel safe.

Sure enough, we had a fumble go into the end zone which was initially ruled a touchdown for Seattle. Upon review the ruling was changed into a safety, making it a one-point game. If that wasn't wierd enough, Dallas managed to fumble the snap on a late gimme field goal attempt that might have given them the victory.

They had to work hard at it, but managed to give away the game. Not that it mattered much, since they haven't been playing like they should be in the playoffs anyway.

Then, in this morning's paper, I saw this article.

So what, you ask? We drive through that pass on our way to our annual ski trip. in a few weeks, in fact.

The thought of being swept off the road on one of those steep switchbacks and buried under a few tons of snow does NOT give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

This line, especially: "Wynn said crews were probing the area for other vehicles but they believe all have been found."

They believe?? Small comfort.


schnoodlepooh said...

Too bad about your Dallas team losing to my Seattle time by 1 little point. Oh well... don't you like to see the underdog win sometimes? Of course I do, especially when it's my home team! Go Seahawks!

I did see the news about that avalanche. Scary stuff. With all the windstorms we've been having up here this winter, I heard a news story about a person who was killed when driving down the road and the car was crushed by a falling tree - wrong place at the wrong time. It makes me afraid to get out of bed - except for those tall trees outside my bedroom wall... at least it sounds like everyone survived that avalanche.

Michelle said...

Maybe one day it will be standard for cars in high snowfall areas to be equipped with homing beacons?

You off for ANOTHER holiday? Not fair! Wellll ... you do work hard but its still not fair. *grin*

Peter said...

We got the report of that avalanche in Australia John, I immediately thought of you and your snow trip.

Monica said...

I have friends in the Denver area. I was really worried when that avalanche happened.

You and your wife take care no matter where you travel to, okay? This is your year!! (To publish, Dude, PUBLISH)