Saturday, January 06, 2007

Random thoughts

1. Those cookies? Yes, they have oatmeal, but NO RAISINS! That's what makes them so scrumptious. It's the peanut butter and chocolate chips!

2. We played golf again today. Yeah, it was cloudy and breezy, but the temps hovered around 60 and that's not so bad. The ground was kinda wet, though, from the rains of last Thursday.

3. Christina needs to change her blog profile. She's not 33 any more! (Happy birthday again, daughter!)

4. Colorado just got hit by another big snowstorm. The ski resorts have gotta be loving this. OH, YEAH! We're going to a Colorado ski resort in February, aren't we? C'mon, SNOW!

5. I'm really tempted to email Faith and ask about the details of the Freya's Bower anthology, and maybe see if I could... Nah, I'd better not. Unless I could write under a pen name. Somebody at work would see it and spread around that I wrote erotica. Can't have THAT happening, right?

6. If Carol reads this, she's going to laughing right now at the thought of ME writing erotica. HA! (Not to mention my daughters.)

7. Who am I kidding. Even I am laughing at the thought of me writing erotica.

8. My younger daughter and her husband are vacationing in Hawaii right now with two of her cousins. I hope the Big Island can withstand the onslaught. (Actually I'm green with envy!)

9. I wonder if the Cowboys will actually play football tonight, or just jog around on the field while Seattle scores again and again. I'm a fan, but I'm not particularly sanguine about Dallas's chances after their last few games.

10. Finally, if Peg is a Seahawks fan and reads this (she DOES read my blog sometimes, under the pseudonym of "Schnoodlepooh") I won't be upset if the Seahawks slaughter Dallas. But somehow, from my readings of Peg's blog, I doubt she and her animal friends care much about the NFL. Correct me if I'm wrong, Peg!


kenju said...

I'm green with envy too; the Big Island is my favorite place in all the world! We were warmer than you today - 72*. Nah-na-na-nah-nah!

Anonymous said...

I wish my wife and I were on the big island, but so far, Germany has been kind this year. Dallas found a hell of a way to lose the game. Give erotica a try, you might like it.