Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Think SNOW!

In about one month, we're leaving on our annual family ski trip.

This tradition began when our dauthers were in their mid-teens. The older one turns 34 tomorrow! (Stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday. She'll appreciate it!) So that means we've been doing this every year for 16 years. When they got married, their husbands were invited along. Now, Christina brings our grandson. This year (like last) we're also having one of our almost-adopted daughters and her husband along as well, so we'll be 8 adults and one 21-month-old.

No, the baby (Trevor) doesn't ski. Yet. Give him another year or two.

Anyway, I'm getting heavily into the planning mode for our trip, now that the holidays are over. All the reservations are made, including the one for our final meal together at Macaroni Grill in Denver after the skiing is done and we're ready to head to our homes.

I've reserved our rental ski gear, our place to stay near the mountain, our lockers at the mountain, and Carol has already begun to talk about baking COOKIES! I'm talking about the world's best-ever oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. Like THESE!

I posted the recipe last year. If anyone wants it again, let me know and I'll provide it for you.

Here's what we look forward to so much...

Well, and this...

You get the idea.

Colorado has been having some great snowfall this season, so conditions ought to be really good. Again. As usual.

Can you see why I'm getting in the "snow" mood?

Think SNOW!


Peter said...

I'm thinkin' snow John, and I'm already startin' to shiver Brrrrr.
You certainly are a planner from way back..... right down to the departure dinner!! WOW.

kenju said...

I love that second photo, John, but I'd want to view it through the plate glass window of the ski lodge, with a hot buttered rum in hand.

When you go to the Macaroni Grill, have the lobster ravioli for me, okay?

Unknown said...

NO SNOW! (At least not up here for the next week, please?!)

Oh,those cookies... I'd forgotten... *drool*

Anonymous said...

I am so making those cookies tomorrow (went back in the old archives, found the recipe!) They look and sound delicious.

I usually add some peanut butter (and take away some butter), and use half whole wheat flour and cut down on the sugar, but this recipe sounds downright healthy!

I'll let you know how they turn out.

Karyn Lyndon said...

How evil of you to post a pic of those cookies just when I made my dieting resolution!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look mighty good.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Viki, and others: Since the cookies have generated the most comments, let me repeat (from my post a year ago) my long-held belief that this particular recipe was derived from the elvish list of ingredients for LEMBAS (or "waybread" in the common speech) as described by J. R. R. Tolkien in "The Lord of the Rings."

Regardless of the truth of that claim, they're GOOD!

Evil? MOI??


Candace said...

It can't possibly be time for your ski trip again, can it? Good grief, it seems like just yesterday...
Okay, I'm thinking SNOW.
Say, wasn't there a "C" problem last year?