Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goodbye, Dolly!

(With apologies to Jerry Herman . . . Sing it with me...)

Goodbye, Dolly,
Well goodbye, Dolly,
It's so nice to have you back where you belong.

(Anywhere but here!)

We needed rain, Dolly,
but you were a pain, Dolly,
With your blowin, and your growin',
You kept goin' strong.

We felt the room swayin'
With your storm’s sprayin’
But you didn’t bring the rain we needed then, so...

Take all your wind, Dolly
Take your counterclockwise spin, Dolly
Promise you'll never come this way again!

Total rainfall at our house in Victoria, Texas: barely over one inch. We're going to have to start watering the yard again this weekend, looks like.

There were times when the Weather Channel radar showed a wide swath of dark green rain right over us for fairly long periods of time, but not a drop hit the ground. Much of the past few days the sun has been shining brightly.

But now that I've complained, we'll probably get the next storm right through this area, category 4, and we'll all drown in the flooding. Some folks are never happy, right?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello, Dolly!

Please go away, Dolly.

Although I guess we could use the rain.

How about . . . Stay weak, Dolly, but give us about 3-4 inches of rain over a tw0-day period. Is that too much to ask?

If so, then just go away.

Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures of a REALLY FOXY gal!

(With a title like that, who KNOWS how many hits I'll get!?)

Well, here she is:

TOLD ya she was foxy!

Over the July 4th weekend, Carol and I went to Alabama to play golf (go figure!) at one of the stops on Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. The venue was Capitol Hills near Montgomery. That location has THREE full 18-hole courses, each of which is different in style and character.

One of those courses ("The Senator") is links style, meaning no trees but just mounds along both sides of most fairways. These mounds are covered with DEEP, thick, ball-eating rough.

That's where we saw the fox. Actually Carol spotted her trotting across a fairway and heading into the mounds where she stopped to enjoy the view, and then to hunt for breakfast.

This shot I like to call "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." If you've ever taken a typing course (keyboarding now?), you'll get the reference.

But then she goes into hunting mode!

Here she's looking left . . .

Looking up . . .

Looking down . . .

And looking right. Ever hear of a fox-tail brush? Now you know where the name came from.

Oooooh! She heard something!

She stalks . . .

She leaps again!

Takes a perfect point . . .

. . And comes away with the prize!

What did she get? You tell me!

What's that? You want to know how the golf was? Who CARES about the golf with views like this around the course.

(I wonder if I could hire the fox to help me find my golf balls that ended up in that rough . . .)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just found a great new blog

called "I work for lunatics."

Here's the link.

There's not much there yet, but it shows promise. Almost sounds like someone I used to read all the time who lived in Chicago.

Check it out. Tell the author John sent you!