Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No song this time

Sorry, but I don't know any songs about "Edouard."

Regardless, I'm glad he's bypassed my town and is giving some rain to those who needed it. We would have welcomed a few good showers, but no such luck. Just hot and dry here. Still.

Maybe I can come up with something about Edouard. . . How about, Edouard Scissorhands?

"Edouard Scissorhands, don't trim my trees,
with your violent winds and howling breeze."

Nah -- no ring to that one.

I guess I'll just water my lawn and be happy we haven't seen any destructive storms here for a while.

After all, my younger daughter who lives in downtown Chicago just had a tornado pass nearly overhead and whoosh on out over Lake Michigan. She said it blew out some windows on the 40th floor of the John Hancock building not far up Michigan Avenue from her apartment building.

No, I don't need anything like that!