Monday, April 12, 2010

My grandson. A prodigy?

Probably both(?) of you who read this blog already saw my daughter Joy’s Facebook post about this, but lemme tell you what her son (my grandson) did this weekend.

His dad, Johnny, was browsing around eBay looking at ultra lights, powered parachutes, and the like. He then walked away from the computer.

Joy noticed her son a bit later “messing” with the computer. She asked him, “Trevor, what are you doing?”

No response. She ignored him for a few minutes, and then became curious.

Now remember . . . he’s only 4 (almost 5).

She checked the screen, and just about croaked! Actually, according to her Facebook post she “shit a brick.” (I’ve never had that experience, but it sounds painful.)

She saw that the current high bid for the powered parachute on the screen was her husband’s! Knowing that he hadn’t actually intended to buy anything (especially in the $6,000 - $7,000 range) she suspected Trevor. She checked “her husband’s” maximum bid.

Are you ready?

$600,010.00!! That’s when the brick episode occurred. Trevor had not only entered that amount as their maximum bid, he had confirmed it!

After some frantic maneuvering, she was able to contact the seller and arrange to retract their bid, restoring that particular auction to normalcy. So, all ended well.

But here’s the funniest part: She had exclaimed to her husband, "Trevor just bid SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ON EBAY!"

Trevor spoke up. “No, Mommy. It was six hundred thousand . . . and TEN.”

C’mon, Mom. Get it right, willya?