Saturday, September 13, 2014

Internet Permanence

Statement:  Nothing you post on the internet ever goes away.
Proof of Statement:
Fact 1.  In 2001 Carol and I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa.  I posted a journal of the trip, with pictures, in a blog.
Fact 2.  At that time, Raid bug killer used the slogan, “Kills Bugs Dead.”
Fact 3.  The Swahili word for “bug” is “dudu.”
Fact 4.  On my trip I saw (and took a picture of) a huge billboard outside of Nairobi, Kenya, that said...  Well, here’s the picture:

Fact 5.  Today, 13 years later, I received the following email:
I was going through photographs online and came across your blog that mentions you took a photo of a billboard in Nairobi that said 'kills all dudus dead.'
I'm an entomologist working with Nature Kenya and would like to use this photo in a presentation on the conservation and importance of insects.
If you could share the photo by email I would appreciate it - and will credit you for its use of course.
With thanks
Kind regards
Dr. Dino J. Martins
Insect Committee of Nature Kenya
The East Africa Natural History Society & Turkana Basin Institute, Kenya
I rest my case.
(Yes, I sent him the picture and received a nice acknowledgement.  And yes, I'm pretty sure he's legit.  Check this link: )