Saturday, August 06, 2005

Friday night at Jane’s

Well, I had my “date” with Jane last night. Carol came along and chatted with Jane while I re-booted Jane’s new computer about 100 times as I installed software and updates and drivers and virus definitions and... OK, you get the idea.

First we figured out where the components would best be arranged on the built-in shelves Jane was using as a desk. The length of various wires dictated the final setup.

After connecting all the components I turned on the computer. Mistake! I should have turned it on first, gone through the “new machine setup and registration” screens before connecting peripherals. Why? Because Windows kept popping up “Found New Hardware!” message boxes, and trying to load drivers for them before I was ready.

OK, I hear you, you don’t want to read through a blow-by-blow (easy, Karyn, EASY!) description of the computer setup.

I’ll just say that we spent from about 4 p.m. until 9:30 (with only about a 20-minute break to eat some carry-out) getting Jane connected to the internet and installing everything so her system operates like it should. There’ll still be some tweaking to do and helping her get the “look and feel” of everything the way she wants it, but she’s up and running. And happy!

I had another missive from Susan, my new manuscript critique person, telling me she was under the weather but expected to be better in a few days. She hopes to go through the rest of my book soon and offer whatever help she can. I’m still just giddy about that opportunity. It’s probably silly of me, but I can’t help it.

Finally, Carol and I played golf this afternoon (it was HOT!!) and saw one of Bambi’s younger cousins hiding in the shadows of some trees and undergrowth beside one of the fairways. (No, I was NOT looking for my ball in there! We were just going by on our way to the next tee! So there.)

(Well, OK, if you MUST know, I DID hit my ball in the trees on that hole, but not near the fawn. And that was later in the round. No, I do NOT want to talk about our comparative scores, thank you.)

We didn’t have the camera AGAIN! But that was a reminder to hurry up and get that roll of film developed so I can post some of the earlier pictures I wrote about. So you’ll believe me. And so you’ll know that not everything in this blog is fiction.

We’re supposed to play golf again tomorrow with Jane. We’ll take the camera along and just take some pictures of her if we don’t see any wildlife. Weather permitting.

I’ll let you know.


schnoodlepooh said...

Setting up a new computer is a pain, to go through all of that stuff, but something that must be done. I'm sure Jane appreciates your help. I'll be anxious to see if there is an update on Dick.

And why, why, why, don't you PLEASE get a digital camera? Join the new millenium. Get with the program.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Jane is very lucky to have friends like you. (When are you going to tell her how to save your blog in her favorites? I'm sure she would enjoy reading it! lol)

oh, and I'm agreeing with the can even buy DISPOSABLE digital cameras now...

Michelle said...

Well I am one up on you. I posted a pic of a Springbok, the same type which wander around the Atlantic Beach Golf Course - the one's I saw the other night. Now! You are just going to have to get yourself a digital camera before it is too cold to play golf anymore.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Excuse me? Too cold to play golf? In South Texas?

I don't understand.