Monday, August 15, 2005

Promised Pictures!

Yes, they're ready.

So, by popular DEMAND, here are pics of fawns on the golf course, the goose from hell, and the turtle who caused an electric golf-club caddy to go swimming.

Followed by pictures of our back yard former swimming pool landscaping project including the famous arbor that Carol built (with lots of support and encouragement from me, off on the side). Well, hey, I had to do something.

Sorry, but you're going to have to click HERE to see them. It's easier for me to use an FTP program to send them to some free webspace I have than to post them on blogger.

If you missed (or don't remember) the posts wherin I described all these visuals, you'll just have to go through my archives and read everything to find out their significance.

(A few of the posts were worth it, but not all).


And please don't leave a comment if all you're trying to do is sell my readers something. If they're like me, they're not interested.

(As if the spammers actually read the post! Stupid blog spam!)


Karyn Lyndon said...

John, did you take unsuitable pictures of Bambi??? This is what I got in big, BOLD red letters when I tried the link to your pics:

Access Denied.

The Internet site you are attempting to access is blocked. The site's content has been deemed unsuitable, OR, it is a site that could have a negative impact on our network (e.g., virus transmission, bandwidth consumption, etc.).

Please review the Company's Internet Usage Policy which outlines acceptable use of the Internet.

(I looked up our usage policy and it didn't say anything about pictures of deer!)

Duke_of_Earle said...


Yes, the pictures contain graphic sex and violence, and the captions are filled with horrible four-letter words.

What are you doing at work so late, anyway!?

(I figure that "admission" will get you and all the others who read comments scurrying to the pics.)


Anonymous said...

I had no trouble linking to the pictures. I will not tell what's in there though, you have to go see for yourself!

Thanks for the pics of Bambi! Finally! (the F word)

Karyn Lyndon said...

Most of the time I work 9:30 to 6:30 so that wasn't late for me.

Now that I'm home I'm able to access your photo link...and they are wonderful pics. Carol is an excellent photographer, landscaper and woodworker. The arbor is much more elaborate than I'd imagined...very lovely!

Duke_of_Earle said...


I would say thanks, but all the credit has to go to Carol. She tends to excel in just about everything she does.

(Including... dare I say it... selecting a husband?) Ha! I couoldn't let anyone think I had developed some modesty, could I?

Anonymous said...

I love Bambi!!! Those are nice pictures. Thanks.
Isn't it fun having a backyard to do projects in! I love my little yard.

kenju said...

The fawn is precious! It is probably the same one - but hard to tell.

Can you and Carol come and build a pool arbor for me? It will have to hold 10 people at one time, though!

kenju said...

Hey Duke! Thanks for coming back and commenting. I am so glad to BE back.

the many Bs said...

Those are really good photos. I love Bambi and your arbor looks great. What a nice back yard you have. My dogs would love to run around in it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics John. I just luuurve Bambi because naturally we don't get them here. I must take a pic of my yucca for you and BTW, please can you let Carol come out here for a holiday. I need a Carol in my life right now *grin*.