Thursday, August 25, 2005

Vacation planning (continued from last month).

It’s getting closer. One week from today I leave South Texas for nearly three weeks!

I can’t remember the last time I took a vacation this long. Well, that’s not true. The last time it was FOUR weeks, and we went to Africa in 2001.

(Shameless self-promotion warning: If you haven’t ever looked through the photo-journal I put together after that trip, click HERE to browse it for a bit. It was a fantastic trip and we took LOTS of pictures!)

Starting next week we’ll be visiting my daughter “Christina” (Joy), her husband Johnny, and our grandson Trevor in Florida. Then, after a golf interlude in Georgia, we’ll spend a few days with my sister and my 89-year-old mother in Maryland. (If you are a “horse person,” you’ll enjoy Sis’s web site.)

From Maryland we’ll head west to Chicago to visit our other daughter Amy and her husband Tom. Then it’s southwest and hammer down till we’re back in Texas and I can go into the office to rest up and recover from all that recreation and travel.

What? You say you don’t care about my vacation plans?


Well, can’t say I blame you. Why should you? I’m either bragging, or I don’t have anything else really interesting to write about, right?

But in my defense I just wanted you to know that blog posts here at “Romantic Ramblings” will be spotty over the next four weeks or so. Oh we’ll have the laptop along, complete with our GPS antenna and a list of all the free wifi hotspots in the states we’ll be visiting. Plus I’m arranging for an emergency dial-up ISP service for the times when we have telephone access but no wifi.

My main blog-posting impediment will be finding the time to write something of interest and getting it up here onto Blogger for you to see it. But I’ll try.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I never write anything of interest anyway? DOUBLE Hmmph!

So anyway,if we end up driving our golf cart into a river in Georgia, find ourselves attacked by alligators in Florida, get run off the road in West Virginia, or get caught in an early snow storm in Illinois you’ll read about it. You may read it a week or two after the fact, but still.

Oh, yeah, I didn’t mention this, but we’ll be pulling our camper and staying in it much of the trip. Some of the campgrounds (Georgia and Florida state parks, for example) have neither telephone nor wifi service.

Between now and Sept. 1st I plan to continue to post daily. Unless I get too busy getting ready. More to come!


Jennifer said...

Three weeks??!? What on earth does a person have to do to deserve that kind of time away? I feel lucky to grab three days here and there.

Maybe someday.

In the meantime, I can live vicariously, right? I mean, I don't think you'll mind, will you?

Duke_of_Earle said...

Mind?! Shoot, no! You're invited along for the trip! I'll try my best to post enough so ALL (or is it both?) my readers can enjoy the trip!

Christina said...

You'd better post pictures, especially of the grandson!

kenju said...

PLEASE don't get run off the road in WV. It will be so far to the ground that they may never find you if you go off a cliff there!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Sounds like fun in a KOA kind of way. I don't know what I look forward to more...the golf stories or the pictures you'll never develop...

schnoodlepooh said...

I know that I'm looking forward to lots of pictures that I just know you're going to be taking and posting often, right? You are going to buy an inexpensive little digital camera, right? Please.... please....

Michelle said...

Due to the fact I am out of town, out of state, out of the Yoo Knighted States and in a different hemisphere, I am looking forward to reading up about your travels. With pics pullllleeease!

Anonymous said...

While you're preparing for three weeks vacation, I'm preparing to end my summer vacation and getting my but back to teaching. Enjoy your time off.