Friday, August 12, 2005

A milestone

Remember all my posts back in May and June about my daughter’s unemployment hearing?

You don’t? Well, go back and re-read them. Yes, right now! (We’ll wait here for you.)



Oh! Back already? Good, I was just dozing off.

Anyway, now you remember that she was fired for telling a patient (after a long wait), “OK, the doctor is finally ready to see you now.”

She has subsequently moved to another state and has found a job with another ophthalmology practice as a technician. One of the doctors at this new practice happens to be the very same doctor who had left her former employer just weeks before she was fired. He always had a very high regard for Joy (as she did for him), so both are delighted to be working together again.

She was hired at a higher wage that she had been making in Texas, and has fit in at her new workplace very well. She loves her job, and the people there seem to like her as well.

Today was her first payday. That’s the milestone.

She has told her doctor friend about her firing and what the reason was. He was in total disbelief.

She told me that earlier this week he remarked to a patient who had been waiting for a while, “We’re finally ready to get you started.”

Joy followed him out of the room and stopped him with a warning, “You better be careful saying that in front of a patient. It might get you fired.”

He stared at her for a couple of seconds, and then just roared with laughter. So now the whole affair has become a joke between them. They each use the word “FINALLY” as often as they can in front of each other, and laugh.

What a great work environment! So many physicians seem to think they are above the rest of us, superior in their healing powers and knowledge. Kind of like the wizards of mythology, or the Medicine Men in tribal societies. It’s refreshing to find docs who speak to other people as equals, and are willing to joke and laugh with the “non-professional” staff in their offices.

I haven’t met this guy, but I already like him!

So this week was a real milestone for Joy. Carol and I are celebrating with her.


Anonymous said...

True story. I wonder if our old practice would have fired him for saying that? Yeah, right.

By the way, where are the pictures of the baby deer?

the many Bs said...

I'm glad that things are working out for her. It sounds like she works in a good environment now. It's great to be able to laugh at the past.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things worked out for the best. I hope she enjoys her new surroundings, job included.

Anonymous said...

I hope things work out better for her as well. I still can't believe she was fired for being honest and what sounds like sort of friendly and understanding with the patient (although I haven't gone back and read all the details yet). I get really frustrated and sometimes think about avoiding medical offices b/c many receptionists are not nice, honest or friendly. The gals at my dentists office are the wrost. I would appreciate somebody giving me a little honest humor. I want to say, "Geeezzzz, could you lighten up. If you haven't noticed I'm already scared and your lack of empathy isn't making me feel any better about things." I find waiting really hard to do when I'm in a medical office - it allows time for me to work up all sorts of bad things that can be wrong with me, or to churn about the intimate details of what will happend during a particular examination. Waiting in medical offices is pure torture, so if a clerk, technician, nuse or doctor showed a bit of humanness, or humor, I may feel a bit relieved - or at least distracted.

Anonymous said...

Finally I am able to comment here again. Finally my mind has returned to normal (I think it is normal?). Thanks for the good wishes John - it meant a lot to me.

Congrats on the good news. No stranger can be more proud than me seeing I was in a similar situation. I soooo luuuurve a feel good story like that one.