Friday, November 25, 2005


A number of the blog posts I've read from yesterday listed things that the writers were thankful for. In my case that list would be WAAAAAYY too long to type out, and none of you would care anyway.

So, for today I'm thankful that I don't work in retail. (I have the day off, and a four-day weekend. Nyah Nyah Nyah!)

That mature outburst was directed at my wonderful blog regulars who DO work in retail. You know who you are!

I'm thankful that I have no need, desire, or plans to do any shopping of any kind today. Thus I'm doing my part to make the day less miserable for all of you retail types.

I'm thankful that I live in a part of the country where yesterday was sunny and mild. Why? Because after our noon-time Thanksgiving dinner with Carol's mom (grandma to most of us) we were able to...

But wait. Let me tell you about our dinner. Since neither of our daughters, nor their husbands, nor our one infant grandson were able to come to Texas for the holiday, we opted for a simple day. Carol baked pies (we couldn't do without ONE nod to tradition) -- three, to be exact. In accordance with OUR local customs they were: one coconut creme, one mincemeat, and (my favorite) one pecan pie with chocolate chips mixed in. MMMmmmmmmm!!

But we eschewed the traditional turkey, opting to wait until Christmas dinner for that huge array of stuffing and all the trimmings, in favor of tamales and beans. Mexican soul food! Simple, quick, and little clean-up afterward. Ideal!

Okay, NOW. After that wonderful but simple dinner at noon (including, for me, TWO pieces of pie), we went to our local golf course and played 18 holes of golf!

And today, while all the crazed shoppers are out working to near-death all you poor souls who labor in retail, we have another sunny day to go out and recreate! On the golf course!

Hey! Don't be cussing and throwing your 5-pound Thursday newspaper sales ad circulars at ME! You're the one who chose a career in retail, not me!

Besides, I don't get that nice employee discount that you get. There are trade-offs, but this is MY day to gloat. Just a little.

Be thankful for that, at least. I am!


Anonymous said...

You most certainly had a lovely day and to be thankful for that. I would have done likewise - stayed away from shopping and done something far from the maddening crowds. Glad you had a good time - now enjoy the next 3 days.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Well, since you brought it up...I happen to work in retail and I had the whole week off including black Friday and this weekend...AND I get a hefty discount. If I do any shopping this weekend it will be via Internet.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Well, you work FOR a major retailer, but you don't work the retail store, right? Guess I should have been more specific.

But it sounds like you have the best of both worlds, the discount without the headaches of dealing with the public. Congratulations!


kenju said...

Oh, you are cruel! I worked all day, but not in retail, so I guess that's okay, huh? I didn't buy anything today etiher.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Gee, Judy, I didn't mean to be cruel. That "nyah, nyah, nyah" was supposed to be... well, maybe I WAS a bit cruel. I know it wasn't JUST retail folks who had to work. All the banking and service industries were working, and lots more besides.

Hopefully you had something else to be thankful for!


the many Bs said...

Shopping sucks - anytime of the year, but this is the worst. I will be doing my shopping online, where I don't have to find a place to park or wait in line. I can get my items gift wrapped and delivered. All I need to do it cough up my credit card # and that's it. Now that's shopping.