Sunday, March 19, 2006

More chores today (Arrgh!)

You know how some people joke about how nice it is to go back to their job after a vacation, because THEN they can finally get some rest? This weekend had that kind of feeling to it.

Today was really not that bad. The only chores I did were yard work, and THAT was limited to mowing, trimming around the fences and the house (where the mower can’t reach), and edging along the sidewalk, driveway and back patio.

I kept waiting for the sky to lighten so I could get a good picture of the yucca, and of the pile of trash in the garage. That never happened. The heavens were cloudy and dreary all day, threatening (promising?) rain which we badly need, but never delivering on the threat.

Before I show you the pictures, I need to respond to a few comments from yesterday:

1. Hale “Pointmeister” McKay (a.k.a. Michael Ashley) mentioned that a similar fate awaits him. Yeah, Mike, but you’re in Massachusetts, and spring doesn’t happen there until July as I remember, so you have a long wait.

2. Jennifer, at least YOU have some hope of either financial gain or of helping someone with your “crap.”

3. Finally, I have to assume that RobotJam is NOT married. If he WERE married, he’d perhaps understand that all of those chores could shout, “ME FIRST!” for weeks on end and I would neither care nor necessarily respond to them. However, my wonderful wife Carol both hears them and is sufficiently annoyed by them that when SHE can’t play golf on a weekend those nasty chores get her attention. And Carol is not a fan of pool, billiards or snooker.

Yes, (sigh), the sacrifices I make to please my wonderful wife! (I’ll be in trouble when she reads this, but...)

Okay, here are the promised pictures.

First the pile of trash in half of the garage. Trust me: there's a LOT you can't see in this shot! Tomorrow the first pieces of that pile will be dragged to the street for the garbage pick up folks to haul away.

And here’s the yucca.

I just wanted to show you the whole plant and the effect of the bloom on our landscaped area in the back yard.

Too bad they just bloom once a year. But at least the plant looks really pretty for a few weeks.


Christina said...

Wow. I actually see some things in the trash picture that look vaguely familiar. I didn't realize you still had stuff in the attic from that long ago.

The yucca is very pretty.

schnoodlepooh said...

Wow. I like your backyard. The yucca's pretty cool too. And the garage - well - it's familiar in a messy junky kind of way.

I love the honey do posts that you and Pointmeister do. You have that downtrodden husband act down pat.

Yes, chores suck. Get back to work so you can rest! That's what always happens to me on a "vacation" when I stay home to work on projects.

And BTW, you're posting photos now??? Did you finally break down and go digital?

Hale McKay said...

Schnoodlepooh has an attraction to us "Honey-Do" (Downtrodden?) men, John. It's true what you say about the arrival of summer here.

robotJAM said...

Duke I can assure you I am married, Mrs Robot owns a horse so it gets her out the house. This gives her no time to moan about me having not painted a skirting board for 6 months.

You should buy Mrs Duke a horse. Although it is a rather expensive way of getting out of chores.

I reread my last comment and it is total nonsense.

kenju said...

I am sure glad that garage is yours and not mine. I would never have the energy to clean it out!

P.S. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone, "it" has started. My dishwasher is on the fritz.

Michelle said...

You are fortunate to have the garbage collectors haul your stuff away. Ours will not touch anything which is not in the bin.

Nankin said...

I learned when I was a kid to never kick a yucca. They bite.

Your pile of stuff to go to the landfill is even neat. You'd die if you saw our garage. As I've said, Jimbob never throws anything away.

And yes, I'm breathing. I love doing nothing when I get home, but I really get a lot done.