Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Get outta town!

I have exercised great restraint for the past week or so. Back in March I told you that Carol and I were planning an Easter weekend getaway in our camper-trailer. But since then you’ve not heard (read?) a word from me about it.

Oh yes, the preparations have continued, and we are just about ready to go. But I’m beginning to have misgivings.

About the trip? Oh, no! The trip ought to be wonderful, and we have tee times at two different golf courses we like to play in the Texas hill country. My misgivings concern the resisitential conspiracy.

This evening I was doing some last-minute (since we’re leaving tomorrow after work) prep chores. One of those was to check the air pressure in the trailer tires. I have an old air compressor hooked up to an electric motor, so I powered it up and made sure the tire pressure was at 60 p.s.i.

That task complete, I disconnected the compressor and thought I was done for the day. But a doubt arose. Was the correct pressure 60, or 65? I looked it up. Ah, it was 65.

Back to the compressor. I flipped on the power switch and...nothing. Was there power to the outlet? Yes. Was everything connected properly? Yes. But the motor just sat there, still and silent.

I checked for a fuse or circuit breaker. I checked the cord and the connections.


Then I thought, “Resistentialism! It’s back!”

I immediately calmed, not wanting to give this conspiracy any sense of power through a furious reaction on my part. I whistled a tune as I coiled up the cord and put the air hose away. Having decided that 60 p.s.i. was close enough, I went back inside the house feigning satisfaction.

I told Carol (quietly) about what happened, and THEN she told me that one of HER electrical appliances mysteriously stopped working today! The thing is battery powered, so the problem is NOT in the wiring or electric supply. She replaced the batteries with brand new ones, but the device is just dead.

So, we’ll see how the camping trip goes.

(I wonder if the car will start tomorrow.)


Unknown said...

I'd be more worried about what you'll come home to.

But that's just me.

Hale McKay said...

I trust the car started.

Duke_of_Earle said...

r.e., Good point. IF we get to go at all, we may not GET home. On my last trip out of town the transmission shredded itself in Colorado "extending" my vacation by 3 days. And then, as you say, what might be waiting for us?

And Mike (Hale, whatever), My little commute-to-work car started just fine, so I'm writing this from my office. We'll see if I get home from work, and then if the van we use to pull the camper trailer will start, and then....

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking getting out of town is a most excellent idea.

And maybe staying out of town, an even better one, eh?

Have fun.

I hope your sand wedge doesn't have a meltdown along the way!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip and an enjoyable Easter weekend. Good luck with the conspir*cy thingy because like r.e.wolf, I am worried to what you might find when you get home. I am keeping those fingers crossed. Next time, give me ample warning and I will gladly house-sit for you and take good care of all those appliances.

To all John's readers - have a Happy Easter and a relaxing weekend.

Emmy Ellis said...

LOL @ whispering quielty to Carol.


Have great fun!


Valkyrie said...

Ooh lucky - going on a trip! I love those. Gosh it's been so long since we went away, I think my honey moon was my last official vac. Scrapbooking weekends don't count. By the way, so thanks for adding me to your blog roll...and could you change your link? I've just moved to Wordpress...ha ha - and changing links on blogger is SO convenient! I don't want to post my new link here in case I get blasted for being rude or something, but if you click on my existing link on your blogroll you'll find my new site just a click away from the old. Cheers mate!