Thursday, June 08, 2006

Anecdotal evidence (and humor)

Are you still in doubt as to the effects of the big “C?”

If so — or even if you’re not and are curious about another blogger’s recent experiences — you HAVE to go to Vikibabbles and read her post for today.

Well, sometimes she posts more than once per day, so the one you must read is titled, naturally, “The Big ‘C’.”

Then, if you enjoy her style as much as I do, scroll down and read her post of Friday, June 2, titled, “First off...”

She had ME rolling on the floor.

(Course, there are times when that doesn’t take much.)


Theresa said...

Thanks for turning me onto a great blog, John.

She's just bumped up to my daily cruise list.

Michelle said...

Ahhhhh ..... I have just posted something on The Beeg C. My computer is on the verge of crashing. See-ree-us-ly. Beeg problems here and am backing up everything as I am writing this. Hopefully the Beeg C did not hit my computer too hard and that it can be restored. I swear RobotJam had a dream about computers this week - he must have started this. *grin*

Nankin said...

Do you tempt fate talking about the big "C". I hope not.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Not ME! It's my readers and commenters! THEY'RE the ones! THEM!!