Thursday, June 01, 2006

More pictures

But first I have a confession to make.

Carol was a bit concerned that in yesterday's post I made fun of her picture of the "wire bird," but failed to tell you the whole story.

You see, there was a reason she couldn't see what that little bird really was until she zoomed in with the telephoto. When I packed part of the car in preparation for our trip I left out just one small container. Inside that container was her newer pair of single-vision prescription sunglasses that she uses when she plays golf. So she was forced to use her older, weaker pair. Thus she couldn't see the, uh, "wire bird" clearly.

Now she claims that I left out the container intentionally, thinking that if she couldn't see well I might have a chance of scoring lower than she would. Now ALL of you know me well enough to be sure that I would NEVER do anything like that. Right? RIGHT!??

Well, I didn't. So there.

And even if I HAD, it didn't work. She still played a lot better than I did.

Okay, enough of that. Here are some more pictures. Enjoy!


Christina said...

the pictures of the deer are awesome.

kenju said...

I suggest you sell the deer and fawn photo to some calendar outfit. You'll make a mint!! That photo is marvelous.

Candace said...

Amazing pics! Especially the twin fawns. Carol should submit these to National Geographic or something!

Faith said...

I need to have my eyes examined again, but my eye doctor's office burned to the ground last fall and I haven't found out where he moved.

M.E Ellis said...

Aww, poor Carol.