Friday, June 16, 2006

Thanks! all of you who've wished me a happy Fathers Day.

It will be, I guarantee.

How can I be so sure? (Well, BESIDES my ability to see into the future and predict events? That goes without saying, of course.)

Because, regardless of the weather or events of Sunday, I already know that I am loved by the two girls I fathered, and by their mother!

We were a FUNCTIONAL family. No DYS- in our household. No drunk Daddy, no molesting, no beating up on wife or children. Dad wasn't in prison, or strung out on dope. He provided pretty well, I guess, since we were all clothed and fed and housed.

The girls were educated well (mostly home-schooled by Mom), and both later graduated from college. They are now well prepared for life and both are successful and in good marriages.

My wife loves me, and I'm crazy in love with her (although I don't always show it as well as I ought and kinda take her love for granted every now and then.)

But you know, a father couldn't ask for a whole lot more than that in the "what really matters" department.

So Fathers Day will be really good here in Victoria. For me anyway.

If the weather's nice and we get in a round of golf... bonus!


r.e.wolf said...

Add me to the list: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, John!

Karyn Lyndon said...

No dysfunction??? No wonder you're finding it hard to sell a book. Where's the angst? The pain and suffering? Some kind of conflict?

Maybe you should go the non-fiction route: How To Live The Non Dysfunctional Life... You obviously have the secret recipe.

P.S. Happy FD

Ivy said...

I hope you have a nice fathers day.. It already sounds promising for you!.. My Dh has to share fathers day this year with my oldest's bday.. This is the 2nd time her bday has fallen on fathers day..

schnoodlepooh said...

Happy Fathers Day to you, John. It's nice to hear about a functional and well adjusted family. You're a lucky man, although I doubt that it was luck that got you there. (By the way, you'll never get me to believe that you're that age that you claim to be - no stinkin' way!) Happy FD anyway!

Nankin said...

Well...let me add my wishes for a happy Father's Day. You sound like a great dad.


Faith said...

I wish you a wonderful Sunday too, John.

CaliMarie said...

Darn! No dysfunction at all? Are you sure?

No, seriously. That's a great thing to hear.

And I'm hoping it's a wonderful Father's Day for you, luv.

Take care.