Monday, June 26, 2006

Another holiday? ALREADY?

Good old American Independence Day. The day we celebrate our freedom from those tyrants over in Britain.

Funny how they were our enemies to the death 230 years ago, but for the last century we’ve been the closest of military allies. Time does change things.

Along with fireworks, July 4th gives us the opportunity for another long weekend off from work. ESPECIALLY when it occurs on a Tuesday, and the employer decided to give us Monday off as well.

(It wasn’t a totally altruistic gesture. We employees asked if we could give up Presidents Day, a Monday in bleak February, and in exchange get off on July 3 for a FOUR-DAY weekend! Management agreed! Well, actually, I’m considered a member of management, so there was a bit of an inside deal there.)

So, what shall we do over this four-day weekend to celebrate and get in a little R&R?

I KNOW! Lets go out of town with our camper and play golf! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you? Oh. You did, huh? From a mile away? Okay, so STEREOTYPE me. Go ahead.)

Yes, but this time we’re going farther than usual. We’re going to drive all the way to Montgomery, Alabama and play Capitol Hills. It’s a Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail course, with three (count ‘em – THREE) complete 18-hole courses on one property.

We purchased their “summer special” — three days of all the golf you can stand for one fixed price. And we can stand quite a bit!

So, we will hit the road on Friday, arrive on Saturday, play golf on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and then drive home tired but happy on Wednesday (one day of vacation).

If we can find some Wi-Fi hot spot where we’re staying I’ll try to post little updates over the weekend. Just because I know how upset and morose you get when you stop by here and there’s nothing new or entertaining to read. Might even post a picture or two. Ya never know.

Meanwhile we have preparations to make for the next three days. There’s food to get ready (although we’ll buy most of our meals to make this a vacation for Carol too), wine to buy, clothes and stuff to pack.

So, a special thanks to my British friends (M. E Ellis, RobotJam, the Crabby Cows, and... Well gee, I guess you are the only ones) for our Independence Day. I’m glad you guys lost that particular war!


r.e.wolf said...

Someday, I hope you will explain the allure of golf to us all. Because here is what I see:

Hit the little ball.
Go find the little ball.
Hit it again.
Keep finding, keep hitting.
Eventually knock it into a little hole in the ground. Then what?

Hit it some more.
Chase it some more.

That said: I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Shesawriter said...

My DH's collegues are trying to get him to play golf, but he has no desire. It's real peer pressure too. These people are serious players. It's like a religion with them.

schnoodlepooh said...

happy july 4th. lucky you for the long weekend. I hope you have som great golfing. don't worry about me slaving away at my job, having less than zero fun. it's okay.

kenju said...

Have a wonderful trip and make many holes-in-one!

Karyn Lyndon said...

While you're playing golf I'll be floating around IN MY NEW POOL!!!

Zinnia said...

Have fun! Be safe!

I like Independence Day. I think fireworks are so cool.

Michelle said...

You know what I like best about 4th of July? Is that you get to go away and Carol will be able to take awesome photographs for us. *grin*.