Monday, June 05, 2006

He’s done it again!

Yes, dear readers, it was a pleasant interlude. But I fear it’s over.

You see, our friend RobotJam has returned from vacation. (And, btw, you need to check out his post dated yesterday. A HILARIOUS story of his experience in a pub in Yorkshire.)

(Speaking of Yorkshire, isn’t that the place that’s named for the pudding?)

While Rob was gone, he managed to avoid dreaming. “*Coincidentally*” during that same period of time there was a strange absence of the events we’ve come to identify as part of the “C.”

(If you’re just visiting and not familiar with the “C,” it stands for a word that starts with “Con” and ends with “piracy.” Oh, there’s an “s” in the middle. But we don’t actually SAY the word aloud or spell it out in its entirety, you see, because that gives it strength.)

When the “C” is active, all sorts of mechanical, electronic/electrical, plumbing, structural, and other types of failures occur. And they usually occur in series. And parallel failures occur among others of us who understand this phenomenon.

Why do I think the interlude is over, you ask?

I have a side-by-side refrigerator-freezer, with an ice and cold-water dispenser in the freezer door. Up until Sunday everything worked just fine. Then, (gee, the same day that Rob was back and started blogging again... hmmm...) Carol tried to dispense some cold water.

I’ll bet you think it didn’t work, right? OH, no, it dispensed cold water just fine. Trouble was; when Carol removed the glass the cold water kept on dispensing! She yelled for me to come quick, grabbed a nearby plastic pitcher (larger container) and held it under the flow, while I tried to turn off the water shutoff valve under the kitchen counter.

Now, isn’t it strange that the dispenser mechanism worked fine one day, and then overnight went whacko? Oh! There’s more. This dispenser features a selector that allows you to get ice cubes, crushed ice, or water. Moving the selector to the “cube” position causes the system to produce crushed ice, not cubes. My point: the entire device is now non-responsive.


Yes, I hear you. You’re asking, “So why is that such a big deal?”

Well, it’s not. But I fear it’s just the beginning. You wait and see if this post doesn’t bring comments from others who have begun to experience a strange “*coincidence*” of similar or somehow related problems or failures.

And I’m still not totally convinced that RobotJam is part of the problem.

(But the timing is certainly suspect! )


Theresa said...

I hate to admit it,

Because I'm not one to subscribe to *C* *Spiracy* and *s* in the middle theories.

But wouldn't you know it, today, within minutes of reading RobotJam post on your blog, my electronic car window-- and totally out of the blue, mind you--refused to roll up. Or down. Infact, it refused to move at all.


I think not.

Duke_of_Earle said...

...And there you are, readers. It took less than an hour for the first corroborating report to come in. How many more will we see before tomorrow morning?


christina said...

I don't dare. I can't afford it right now. Wait...I was never here...nothing has happened...who are you?...who am I?...lalalalalalalalalalala

kenju said...

How is this for a "synchronicity?" My "dispenser coffee pot began leaking in the same way your fridge did!! Liquid just poured out all over the kitchen counter. I called the company today and they told me how to remove a rubber gasket, clean it and put it back. After that, the pot didn't leak anymore. I hope yours is that easy to fix. My water dispenser doesn't work anymore because the water line broke. The repair guy declines to fix it (too much trouble) and suggests I buy a new fridge. Since that is the only thing wrong with it - he and I agreed to disagree!

robotJAM said...

er... sorry John, I did start dreaming again last night although nothing to do with this, as far as I can see.

I was in a chemist trying to get my wife some indigestion tablets and when I ordered them the pharmacist came back with a big 8 gallon drum (which looked suspiciously like my brewing barrel. The barrel wasn't full of tablets either it was actually leek an potato soup.

M.E Ellis said...

Hahahahaha! Great post!


Duke_of_Earle said...


I'm confused. In your comment above were you describing an actual visit to the chemist, or a dream vist?

Probably doesn't matter. Either way, I think we're in trouble.

**Must consult Freud's writings... Leek and potato soup... What could THAT be symbolic of?**

Faith said...

Heh, everything in this ancient farmhouse we live in acts like your refrigerator!

Michelle said...

Oh My Dog. Thanks for the advance warning and I will definitely be on the lookout for any untoward mysterious and out of the ordinary appliance / electrical / mechanical happenings on this side of the world. But ... I do fear your fridge was talking to mine today as not once but twice, I found my fridge ajar and I, absolutely, as true as Bob, nevah evah leave it open.