Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Remember the flooding in Houston on Monday? Well, that system moved slowly southwest, and yesterday it sat for most of the day right over the place where I work.

Victoria, about 30 miles to the northwest, got just a sprinkle or two.

Here's what the area around my plant got:

This view was taken from the front door of the Admin Building looking east. The highway is about 1/3 of a mile straight ahead, and all the land in between is ordinarily a pasture with grazing cows. A very pastoral, bucolic setting. I figure the water was nearly two feet deep in parts of the temporary lake.

Looking back at the plant from the entrance driveway, we saw this:

I call this our reflecting pond. Quite pretty, actually, but ordinarily it's just a mowed grassy area.

The rain was still lightly falling when these were taken.

I think the county burn ban (From our earlier "extreme drought") has probably been lifted by now.

P. S. Yet another reported laptop failure attributable (and actually attributed, by the owner!) to the "C." Check the short post by r.e.wolf over at this blog. And beware!


kenju said...

I refuse to read about any more "C" stuff - lest it befall me too. We had a lot of rain from Alberto; nearly 7", but no lakes here at my house, just a creek! Lol

Shesawriter said...

Man, oh, man, you guys got soaked. That thing looks like a real pond. WOW.

Zinnia said...

We've had a good rain here today. We needed it badly, but still, it wasn't quite enough. I'm tired of watering veggie gardens every night.

Karyn Lyndon said...


Hale McKay said...

JUst buy some floating golf balls and some waders and you're all set! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Duke, this is brilliant, a cheaper solution to your dry garden problem. Simply get a bucket and the fill up your car boot (trunk ?) with the excess water, then drive home and simply bail it out onto your lawn.

I know this will work as car manufacturers alway quote boot space in litres so they are in fact designed for this purpose.

BJ Fraser said...

PHM has arrived to save the world!