Friday, June 02, 2006

Botany Lesson

More pictures today. This is probably the last batch for a while.

While we were playing golf, Carol kept the camera at the ready. I've shown you the best of her bird and deer pictures, so today you get to smell look at the flowers.

They're worth a look, even if you're not into wild flowers.

Click HERE to see them.


Zinnia said...

Found your comment on Crabby Cows! Boy, did that ever give me a big smile!!!

Wow, what gorgeous pics! I love to raise veggies and flowers, which is why we have a small produce farm. Those pics are incredible. Did you take those with a dig cam?

Karyn Lyndon said...

If anyone had to get 8 inches I'm glad it was you.

: )

Miss Cellania said...

Those are great closeups. I've never been able to do that.

kenju said...


Candace said...