Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An eerie calm prevails...

Viki has checked in. She seems to be hunkered down and hiding out.

(Ha! As if THAT transparent ploy would fool the “C.”)

Viki, it’s not the men in overcoats and sunglasses you have to worry about! It’s the ‘devices’ themselves. They communicate on a whole different level from us humans.”

I fear she’s not listening.

As for Michelle, my South African friend, there’s still no word. It’s been 4 full days now, and I fear that at BEST her computer is non-functional. At worst, we may later read that her entire house has fallen down around her and burned (ignited by the electrical appliances), and then washed away by massive leaks from the failed plumbing.

Others of my readers have checked in, some with problems of their own, and some who have (as yet) been spared.

Tomorrow I shall try to post on an innocuous subject such as birds, or something going on at work. Perhaps the “C” will take a holiday.

We can only hope!


Anonymous said...

It's probably some kind of electrical computer conspiracy to self destruct on a predetermined schedule.

Ben O. said...

YES,everyone loves a good conspiracy.

Ben O.

Trish said...

You know, it occurs to me that maybe we're handling this *c* wrong. Maybe there is another way to protect ourselves.

An antidote, so to say.

One thing I've found that works off and on, is to threaten. For example. When I threatened to throw my laptop off the bridge, it suddenly quite freezing up on me. And when I called the used car lot to find out how much they'd give me for the piece of crap I'm driving--the driver's window suddenly rolls up.

I sense a pattern here.

Emmy Ellis said...


No 'C' happenings for me, just QUITS edits.

Hope you're well!


Anonymous said...

Checking in. My computer was not fixed. I removed Nero, my partners husband was too lazy to check things out as he did not have my ADSL modem with him to retrieve the passwords and settings and stuff and did not feel like coming to my house (2 mins away). So I picked up my computer late on Sunday night and eventually connected everything on Monday. So far the fugly beeg C has kept away. Though, does a hole in the exhaust count? I have surrounded my house with land mines, electrified fencing, vicious dogs, trip wiring, search lights and my house is safe. I am now back in blogland and the horrid blue screen has not shown up again. Robotjam convinced me he is innocent. Should we believe him?

Shesawriter said...

Hey John,

Just checking in to make sure the machines haven't taken over the place. Now that I see your fine, I can rest easy now. Hope all is well with you and yours.