Sunday, June 25, 2006

More photos

Yesterday was hot and humid with no wind.

So, did we stay inside? NO!! We went out and walked around the golf course.

But on the bright side, Carol got a few more of her dramatic photos of Texas wildlife. I think you'll enjoy them, so click HERE to see them.


Michelle said...

Happy Sunday John.

I am impressed with Carol's photography - the photographs are getting better each time and I love seeing bits and pieces of your world.

Have a fabulous week.

Theresa said...

The stories you build around the photos are every bit as good as the pictures themselves. You two make a great team.


robotJAM said...

That spoonbill thing is ace. He's a bit off looking though, are they really that colour or has someone painted it ?

Christina said...

Cool pics. my favorite is the night heron. and as for the spoonbill, they come in varying degrees of pinkness. some are more pink all over and the bright pink spot on the wing is not as , well, bright. this particular one is not very pink, so the bright pink spot does look a bit painted on. Whe we lived in Corpus Christi, the was a small island on the Nueces Bay (protected by law, you couldnt go on it) where tons of birds would come to nest. We used to kayak around it and look at the birds. Anyway, there were lots of spoonbills, so we have seen them in all shades and degrees of pink.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Gee, maybe that's why they're called "ROSEATE Spoonbills." You think? Carol and I always just call them "Rosy."

RobotJam is right... that particular bird was pretty rough-looking around the head. But we didn't retouch the color on him at all in the photo. That's what he looked like. Christina is also right that the colors and shades DO vary.


M.E Ellis said...

Birds, I don't like them near me but I can cope with them in a picture or watching them in the garden.

But biddies and insects?