Thursday, August 31, 2006

850 miles!

What a long day!

We got away at 5:40 this morning, and drove with only occasional stops until 8:20 p.m. We are in Missouri, just across the river (15 miles) from Cairo. No, not THAT Cairo. Not the one on the Nile. The one in Illinois, on the Mississippi River.

Only 365 miles to go tomorrow. So far no significant weather or near-miss traffic events. Just mile after mile after mile...

We've eaten and showered. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow... CHICAGO!!

(Thanks to all for your good wishes!)


Valkyrie said...

I look forward to hearing about your trip! I just love that great thing called the American roadtrip. Not sure if I told you about mine a few years back, but drove from NYC to LA in about 4 weeks (northern route) and it was the trip of a lifetime - SO much to see and do. Have fun and post lots of pics ok!?

Mrs Wolf said...

Oh, this is too neat: you get to blog while you travel!

I would never think of something like that. I'd try to do it all at once when I got home... and with the memory I have, I'd forget it all (truly - ask Mr Wolf who remembers the anniversaries)!

Will there be pictures? We like pictures.

-Mrs Wolf
(living vicariously through your road trip)

Monica said...

Have a safe trip to Chicago today...take care of yourselves and have fun!

kenju said...

Be safe, and have a great time. I would hate to be in a car for that long.