Friday, September 15, 2006

Golf phase complete!

Ahhhhhh. Yesterday it was rainy here in Cordele where we’re staying, but the weather was caused by a slow moving front coming in from the west. No golf here, but at a State Park course about 80 miles west of here they weren’t getting any rain. I guess the front had passed them.

Anyway, we called. Determined that they were dry, jumped in the van after lunch and headed west. Two hours later, after driving through hard downpours with thunder and lightning. We arrived at the course under bright sunny skies. One little shower passed over, but otherwise the weather was perfect! And, the course was really nice.

After golf we drove back to Cordele, but the rains had passed and the roads were dry. Well, except for one which was closed with a 10-mile detour because it was under water!

Today (Thursday) we drove to yet another golf course and played two rounds. Really pretty course, but tough. Even Carol couldn’t keep her score below 90. My score had one more digit in it than hers. That’s golf!

Tomorrow we drive about 350 miles to Tampa to visit Christina and Johnny and Trevor. We’ll be there for the weekend and then head back for Texas on Monday. Vacation is almost over.


Then I get to go back to work to rest up.

Oh, and all of you who think you were so smart to make jokes about Carol’s shots of Wild Turkeys? Wait till you see them! (And yes, I got the jokes. Funny people!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!
The weather has been really nice here!(what i've seen of it anyhow) Perfect for golf if you like that kinda thing..LOL (i'm not big on golf myself)..

Enjoy your trip to Tampa!

Anonymous said...

Being so far behind in my blogroll reading, they all beat me to the punch about the wild turkey!

Glad to see you are enjoying your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, GO CAROL, lol. Gotta love a woman who can play golf. (Even if she only wins by one, yay!) Can't wait to see the pictures of the turkeys, lol. And have fun in old stomping grounds.

Here's hoping you have nothing but sunny skies ahead. ENJOY!



Miss Cellania said...

I could've sworn you were going to visit family and friends, then all I heard was golf golf golf! You're gonna have withdrawal symptoms!

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at Miss Cellania's comment. That's what I thought. Hope we are going to see some updated pics on Trevor when you get home. In the meantime, enjoy the last phase of your holiday and be safe.

Nankin said...

Where's the romance in golf? But it soulds like you're having a great time.