Saturday, September 02, 2006

Viki was right.

Viki told me yesterday that the weather for my Chicago visit was going to be perfect. Right on, Viki! How does a high in the 70s, a steady breeze off the lake out of the northeast, and a crystal-clear sky with bright sunshine sound?

It sounds like weather to which I am unaccustomed in South Texas, but to which I would love to become accustomed.

We walked from the Chicago River south through Millenium and Grant Parks, past the big fountain, across Lakefront Drive down to the marina. Then we continued south to the planetarium and just beyond, about even with Soldier Field. Then we retraced our steps but took a different route through the park back to the river.

I figure the total round trip was about 6 miles. The horizon was sharp and the Chicago skyline breathtaking.

Carol took 230 pictures. Yes, two hundred thirty! I don't know how many will survive the first cut when we download them to the laptop and cull out all those not quite in perfect focus, but surely there will be some to share with you over the next few days and maybe weeks (months?)

Despite the derision of some (Karyn!), the Mexican food was very good and although not a particular treat for us Texans, it WAS a treat for Amy and Tom.

Now tonight we're going out for Italian food, which will be a treat for us. Good, authentic Italian food is hard to come by in Texas, except maybe in the larger cities. Plus tonight's meal may hold a surprise for someone. (You'll have to read about that tomorrow.)

All in all, a very good Saturday. Thanks, Viki!


kenju said...

I hope that all of you found the Italian food to your liking. Looking forward to the photos!

Badabing said...

I love Chicago...I think it's one of the best cities for walking...maybe THE best city for walking...and the architecture is terrific. Enjoy your Italian food...not hard to find good Italian in Chicago.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I wouldn't call it a derision...more of a stating the obvious.

On another note...6 MILES!?! You call that a vacation? Good thing you and Carol play all that golf.

Anonymous said...

That is a long walk, and one of my favorites. This is my favorite season in Chicago-summer turning into fall. Sweatshirts and jeans weather.

I'm glad you had a great time!