Monday, January 01, 2007

And another year opens

2007, already!

I'm still having to stop and think, each time I write the date on a check, to prevent starting with 19... Old habits do indeed die hard.

Care to make any predictions for the new year? I'll venture a few.

1. I think the world economy will be strong in 2007. One factor will be China and Russia, both of which (whom?) will have an increasing impact. China has huge resources in labor. That nation has declared that it wants to be the world's leading shipbuilder, which sounds pretty capitalistic to me. Russia still has huge untapped natural resources which I think will fuel its emergence as a major trading partner. Oh, and energy prices will stabilize -- there never WAS a shortage; the run-up was based on speculation.

2. Nano-technology will make great strides in 2007 with amazing new applications. We're already seeing some of them, amid growing concerns that this industry may produce new risks to our health as well. Something to watch.

3. A book I just found on my shelf titled "Windows 95 for Dummies" will be thrown into the trash this week. Unless, of course, somebody tells me there's a market for it on e-Bay.

4. Carol will continue to play better golf than I do in 2007.

5. Somebody with credentials enough to be listened to will acknowledge this year that although global warming is indeed occuring, it is much more likely to be part of the normal cycles that occur over periods of millenia than due to man's feeble influence. The planet will take care of itself. There is firm evidence that the polar regions were nearly tropical eons ago, but now we are saying that our current conditions are "normal," and that those other conditions were anomalies. Oh? From polar tropics to ice ages, and back again. Hmmm... maybe we're just somewhere in the approximate middle of a (normal?) cycle.

6. And finally, I predict a general warming trend in Texas over the next six months, so that by July it will be quite hot here on a daily basis.

There you have my fearless predictions for the new year. Statistically I figure I cannot do worse than 50%, since numbers 3, 4, and 6 are what you gamblers would call a "sure thing."

And batting .500 is pretty darn good!

Now, if I can just remember to write dates starting with 2o instead of 19...


Monica said...

Happy New Year. :)

the many Bs said...

I like your predictions. You're a genius. And happy new year to you too!

kenju said...

Happy New Year, John.

Take out your checkbook and predate the line for the year.....LOL

Hale McKay said...

Nothing like going out on a limb, John.

Happy New Year to you and the Missus.

Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with those predictions.

Candace said...

You still write out checks? It's the twenty-oneth century, dude!

I agree with you on part of #5 - global warming is a natural cycle (else why would there have been ice ages, followed by warm periods, followed by more ice, etc.) However, take a look at Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth (on DVD now) and see if your opinion changes about how much we have contributed to the current problem, and what we could do about it. My prediction is that you will change your mind. :)
-Candace (using Scruffybutt's account)

Duke_of_Earle said...

Hiya, Scruff! You're right, the twenty-oneth century it is, and I do almost all of my bill paying using online banking, and charge most purchases to debit or credit cards. But there are still a few folks that want a check, so I keep that anachronistic checkbook around.

Tell your pet Candace for me that I'm not impressed by the science in Al's movie. Some is based on flawed computer models. Plus, more tons of greenhouse gasses are produced by termites and flatulent sheep than internal combustion engines. One strong volcanic eruption can dump more of CO2 into the atmosphere in a few weeks than mankind can in years. Sure, we humans have some effect, but less than the folks with an agenda would have us believe. In my opinion.

But what do I know? I'm just an old English major, not a scientist. You're lucky, being a dog and having a wnderful pet Mom like Candace. Keep her house safe from intruders, please. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her!

Candace said...

Mommy sez, Thanks, Mr. Duke - At least you watched the movie! Whether you call it "global warming," or the more PC, "climate change," we are in for it. Gardeners report all over the world that things are blooming at the "wrong" times, and that will mean food crops, too, in the not too far future. The earth will be fine, as always. As to us? Remains to be seen. Cheers.

Unknown said...

I'm with you on #5.
#6 was what we Yankees call "cheating." ;)