Sunday, January 21, 2007


The age-old excuse for 'most everything. The fact that it may be true does not lessen the fact that it is only an excuse. It just means that I chose to do other things besides posting to my blog.

Busy doing what? Well, I can't even use golf as an excuse since the weather here for the past week through this morning has been cold and rainy and nasty. No, I've been doing other things.

Work actually had me going in for a couple of 10-11 hour days last week. Then yesterday I felt kind of sickly all day: no appetite, achy, and absolutely no energy or desire to do anything except sit/lie around. So that's what I did.

Today Carol and I assembled a new desk we bought cheap ($103 at Office Depot) to replace the tiny drafting table that she's been using as a computer desk. Here's a picture of it, taken with my new little Logitech web cam that my daughter Christina gave me for Christmas:

Yeah, it's pretty low-res, but it works! The desk is not bad for the money. But it took much of the day to assemble.

OH! Plus we've been watching the Chicago Bears dominate the New Orleans Saints. As I saw all the snow swirling down in Soldiers Field I thought about my friend Viki sitting out there with her kids and husband freezing their tails off.

Hope you enjoyed the game, Viki, and got home safely despite the celebrating crowd!

Well, those are my excuses/reasons for no blog posts for a few days. I wish I could claim I was busy working on my novel. And I guess I could claim it, but it'd be a lie.

I'll try to do better this week.

We'll see.


Nankin said...

Join the club. Something about the weather makes me not want to post.

kenju said...

No problem, John. That's a nice looking desk you put together. Maybe I'll hire you to do one for me...LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me, John! It was colder out in the parking lot during the tailgate extravaganza than it was inside Soldier Field. I was wearing multiple layers, and ended up having to take my big coat off because I was hot!

The swirling snow was the perfect addition to the day.

Surprisingly, the crowd was pretty sedate considering the Bears won. There's no beer sales after 3rd quarter, and what with watching Terry Bradshaw talk to the players and the George Halas trophy get presented to Virginia McCaskey, I think everyone was ready to pass out by the time we filed out.

I'll be posting about the game and some pictures I took sometime today.

Candace said...

Welcome back, John. I was gettin' a little worried!

Anonymous said...

John, everyone deserves time off or a break...from something.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you deserve a break Duke, you are the hardest working blogger here.

Also next time ask for a high res desk not a low res one. It will make you photos look much better.

I took a picture of a low res sunset last week, it was rubbish.

Badabing said...

Geez...your post made me realize I haven't even taken down the Xmas decorations on my blog, let alone make a post. I'd better update my 'to do' list.