Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Feast or famine

I look outside my room and see,
Hard rain a-streaming down.
The ditches fill, huge puddles form
Upon the sodden ground.

Low thunder growls and rumbles round
As sudden flashes pop.
I wonder when we’ll see the sun.
When will this pattern stop?

I check the radar hoping for
Relief from flooding, noxious.
But all around the map is green
With red and yellow splotches.

It’s been this way for many weeks
With hardly e’re a respite.
As if our weather were controlled
By some malignant despot.

Yet some, not far, are desperate for
The rain that we’ve been “blessed” with.
I wonder if, as some now claim,
Our climate has been “messed with.”

But surely all this flood and drought
That draws so much attention,
Is only just a local thing,
And not of global mention?

Oops! Sorry all. I’ve pledged to you,
This blog WON’T BE political!
So I won’t preach my theories here,
Lest I be hypocritical!

I’ll leave you now with just this thought,
(And hope the weather heeds it,)
May the sun please send this rain away,
(And straight to him who needs it!)


Karyn Lyndon said...


On another note, I haven't paid much attention to your conspiracy theory...until I suddenly hurt the bottom of my foot...for no apparent reason.

kenju said...

Thanks, John, and we will be glad to get it!!

A very good poem!

Peter said...

Good poem John, the rain hasn't arrived yet... I'm just sayin'.

Christina said...

Good one!

Candace said...

Most excellent, John!

Last year at this exact time, we were in London and they were having a record drought and heat wave. It actually hit in the UPPER 90s there for a couple of weeks, and they were rationing water. THIS week, they're having record rains and flooding...

I'm just sayin.

Badabing said...

Excellent poem John. And, yes...please send some of that rain our way.

Duke_of_Earle said...

1. You readers are too kind. I expected some snide comments (like, "BARF!") about my fractured rhymes of "noxious" and "splotches." But I WAS proud of "political/hypocritical."

2. My good wishes for sending the rain towards you drought-stricken folks are not working. We're getting more heavy rains through this weekend and into next week. (I wonder if singing "Rain, rain, go away" would help??)