Saturday, July 21, 2007

Headline and lead story this morning...

In my local newspaper. Really! You can see it online at

And yes, the golf course mentioned below is where we usually play.

(Of course, with my lower back pain I wouldn't be playing any golf this weekend even if the course were playable, so . . .)


A few Victoria businesses thrive, some survive and others dive during record rainfall this month.

July 21, 2007 - Posted at 12:00 a.m.

This month is already the rainiest July on record in Victoria, but Steve Dermit doesn't need a rain gauge to know it has been wet.As manager of the Riverside Golf Course, he's gauging the amount of rain based on how few customers have been showing up.

"It's devastating for us," he said. "When we get rained out, we don't have any players. When we don't have any players, we don't have any revenue."

Dermit said the silver lining is that the grass on the golf course is nice and green.

(Note to all of you who are suffering from unusually dry conditions : Sorry!)


kenju said...

Just send it up here, John! LoL

Hope your back is better.

Anonymous said...

John, no good time to have back problems, but it might as well be now.

robotjam said...

Rain ! You don't know the meaning of the word !

We've had so much rain my next door neighbour has been building an ark.

This is warwickshire presently

I've had 8 inches in my backgarden according to my rain gauge in the past 4 weeks !!!