Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An International Incident?

Michelle from South Africa has returned following a 2+ week absence from her blog.

She actually blames ME for the events in her life! Can you IMAGINE?!?

Her tale is worth a look, especially for Jan, who is also mentioned.

You'll just have to go there to find out what it's all about (Alfie).

You know you're dying to know. So go already. Bye!


kenju said...

Now how can she justify blaming ANY of that on you!!??

Anyway, thanks for sending the rain our way. We actually got about an hour's worth of drizzle today.

southernbelle said...

You DID force me to mention water and 'lo and behold what happens? The Big C creates water havoc in my home.

Anyhoo, the plumber came and it took him 10 minutes to replace the thermostat and half an hour to hear "the word according to John". I told him about the C theory - he believes it now and is a converted C believer. He believes it so much I convinced him to drop his business cards in all the letterboxes in my area. All the houses are the same age and therefore if we know of 2 geysers blowing a thermostat then more will follow because the big C will do just that.

After this maybe Jan will be converted too?

Duke_of_Earle said...

. . . or not. At her peril!

I just hope the plumber wasn't charging you by the hour. Especially for the half-hour discussion of the horrible "C." But I'm glad it took only 10 minutes to solve the problem. And your neighbors will be glad to have his card. Soon. I can sense a movement in the "C" force in your area.


jan said...

Isn't there some sort of talisman or voodo charm to ward off the C? I mean, if you can identify it and predict it in a reasonable way, surely with all the intelligence represented in this blog (mine included) we could find a way to ward off the evil. We would have great power. And of course with great power comes great responsibility.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Good thought, Jan, but I fear you are seriously underestimating the "C." I have come to believe that it goes far beyond the power of charms and talismans (talismen?) as it is part of the very structure of the universe. The "C," not unlike "the force" in the Star Wars trilogy, is inherent in the very essence of matter and structure. No, I don't believe we can ward it off, but only pacify it in a partial sense so that it slowly simmers, somnabulent, sub-surface, so to speak. (Hey, was that great alliteration, or what? Wait . . . or is that sibilance? Consonance? Oh, whatever!)

And that great responsibility you mentioned? I've always tended to avoid responsibility if possible.

But nice try.