Sunday, July 22, 2007

A very personal manifestation

Several of you have expressed sympathy for my current back pain.

Thank you.

Others have pointed out that Southernbelle, in her post of July 10, has let me know in no uncertain terms that there's no one to blame for my current misery but myself.


Well, I'm the one who keeps writing about the famous "C." (Oh, heck, why should I play coy? It's already attacking me—I'll name it! The CONSPIRACY!!)

We've all known its ability to make our lives miserble through its attacks on our plumbing, electricity, appliances, cars, home electronics, and other so-called "inanimate" objects, right? Well, Southernbelle let us all know that our own bodies are not safe from the effects of this blight!

Her maifestation was neck pain. Then, not a week later, I got this unexplained lower back affliction. I wasn't exerting, lifting, twisting, reaching, bending, or any of those typical activities that people blame for a sore back. It just hit me!

All I had done was try to notify the blogosphere about the danger of this . . . this . . . malignancy!

Ah, well, the cross I must bear.

So, if any of you doubt the power of the "C," I just hope its manifestation in YOUR life isn't as personal as this current one is in mine.

(Don't tell the "C," but I think I AM on the mend. I can actually bend at the waist today far enough to put my shoes on.

That's a big improvement!)


Anonymous said...

Way to take one for the team!!!

I personally am grateful not to remain uninformed.

Candace said...

Oh great. Now you've done it.

Okay, everyone, stock up on Extra Strength Tylenol and Aleve and Excedrin, oh and get some ice packs and Ben-Gay while you're at it.

John, thank you SO much.

Unknown said...

If I wasn't already a believer, I'd be one now.

~The Guy In the Corner w/ pain meds and bruises

kenju said...

I'm glad to hear you're getting better!

Anonymous said...

I sprained my ankle about 10 days ago. Does that count?
Dang! How can this happen????

Anonymous said...

If you can feel the pain, you know you are still alive. Enjoy it while you can.