Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Duke’s Crown, continued…

Nothing’s easy, right?

I announced to the world yesterday (and you read it right here!) that my temporary crown was installed with minimal discomfort. Well, one of the Novocain shots hurt like the dickens, but that was momentary.

After that post the Novocain began to wear off. I ate supper later than usual to make sure I had SOME feeling in my mouth before I started chewing food. Otherwise I was liable to end up chewing on the inside of my left cheek and not realize it. (I’ve done that before.)

The dentist said chewing should not be a problem with the new temporary crown. Just don’t chew sticky stuff like gum or taffy—that might cause the temp to pop off.

As supper continued and I was getting less numb by the minute (and Karyn, that’s Numb, not Dumb!) I noticed that chewing any food on the left side was starting to send “Zing!” signals from that tooth to my brain. (Yes, despite some reports and allegations to the contrary, I do have a brain.)

OK, cut to the chase here.

Within an hour that tooth was aching, and extremely sensitive to heat, cold, and any pressure.

I took ibuprofen and managed to sleep OK last night. But morning I thought it was better (no aching, at least) until I took a bite of fried egg. Zing! OK, all chewing was henceforth performed on the OTHER side of my mouth. Then I took a sip of coffee. ZING!!

I called the dentist from work. I was told that sometimes it takes a day or two for a tooth that has been prepped for a crown to “settle down.” If it’s still that sensitive tomorrow, call them again and they’ll get me in on Friday morning and see what they can do.

Great! Betcha that tomorrow it’s no better and I have to go back, get MORE Novocain shots, and suffer through no telling WHAT pain and indignities. Meanwhile for the rest of today and tomorrow it’s no cold beverages, not hot coffee, and very careful chewing on the right side only.

What I don’t go through to get my gold crown. Maybe that “coronet” (that CANDACE mentioned a few weeks ago as more appropriate for a Duke) would have been better than the full meal deal, full cast, solid gold CROWN.

Probably would be cheaper to just have the dentist PULL the damn thing. But I’ll ask him on Friday about a coronet.


Karyn Lyndon said...

Oh, quit being a baby. It will settle down, I promise. You just had a part of your body removed! Doesn't it have a right to complain a little? I'm sure it will be fine in a week or so. My tooth 18 and 19 were WAY sensitive to heat and cold till they put the real crowns on. Now I'm actually chewing over there again.

Robin said...

Caught myself with my hand over my mouth during your entire post. This just makes me want to go barf somewhere. Thought you should know that. :)

Duke_of_Earle said...

Karyn, there you go again. What do YOU know? You think you're superwoman because you can stand tooth pain? I bet you went through natural childbirth with no epidural, right?

And you think I'm a baby because I...(sniff)I don't like...(sniffle, sniffle) PAIN? Waaaa. I want my mommy!

At least Robin offered some sympathy. (At least I think that's what she was offering.)

Hmmm. Nobody ever told me before that my blog posts made them want to barf.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Yep, that's right...only it was TWO natural childbirths. But not because I wanted it that way. I was soooo looking forward to the drugs. It was 1979 PE (pre-epidurals) when I went into labor with my daughter. But it turned out the pain-killers stopped my I had to go cold turkey for 19 hours without even the aid of those breathing classes.

For the second one in '84 I was planning on (looking forward to) an epidural but there wasn't an anesthesiologist on duty at night. (BIG Dallas hospital.) Isn't night when babies are born???

So, there I went again...a la natural sans the classes. Thank God the second one was a boy because I NEVER wanted to go through that again.

But, enough about me. (You did ask.)

I'm sorry. I'll try to be more sensitive to your needs. Poor baby...there, there. I'm sure everything will be alright...

Christina said...

I'm glad that when Trevor was born, he was a scheduled c-section (because of breech presentation) and I never had to go through any of the labor pains, etc. I must admit, though, I was looking forward to labor and delivery more than I have ever looked forward to going to the dentist. I hate the dentist, and sympathize completely!

Robin said...

So as to remove all doubt, yes that was sympathy.

I have had 3 babies, one of which was au naturel and I would rather go through that again than go through what you've gone through!