Monday, May 16, 2005

Mick Jagger got it wrong.

Well, maybe it was right for him.

Maybe HE can’t get no satisfaction. But I can!

Maybe he was looking in the wrong place. In my case it came over the telephone. I took the call just minutes before leaving the office.

Yeah, I think you’ve guessed by now. Christina called me.

The three-member Texas Workforce Commission has upheld all aspects of the appeals tribunal’s decision, affirming Christina’s qualification for unemployment benefits and rejecting Mr. Queen’s contention that there was misconduct involved.

WOO —— HOO!!

Join me in celebration. (Hold on a sec, this cork is stubborn. AH! There. Hold your glass steady while I pour you some bubbly.)

Ahhhh, satisfaction! Allow me a moment to bask. And don’t worry; there is no chance of a turd in this punchbowl!

OK, for all you cautious types; yeah, there is still a possibility of appeal. In fact there are two avenues of appeal open to Mr. Queen. First, he can petition the commission for a new hearing. If he’s going to do anything, that’s what he’ll try.

Why? Well, it’s free. He has nothing to lose, except what little face he has left in front of his staff after losing so thoroughly to this point. However, there’s a big “but.” The Commission will ONLY consider such a petition if it contains “significant new evidence” that was not brought before the original tribunal, an explanation of how that evidence would change the outcome, AND a compelling reason why that evidence was not brought before the original tribunal.

He has no such evidence. If he did, he would have screamed about it in his four-page letter requesting the commission appeal.

His second avenue of appeal is through the courts. He won’t do that.

Why? It’s FAR from free. The cost of hiring an attorney and filing the case is many times higher than the cost of his increased unemployment payroll taxes from letting Christina keep what she deserves. If I’m reading him right, the only reason he’s gone this far is anger (or outrage) that he lost the first round. In front of his staff. They’ve probably forgotten the whole thing, so I doubt he’ll want to reopen the wound.

So, the punchbowl is clean. Ready for a second glass? Here!

So, thank you Chenoah (a retired legal secretary) for your support; and all you other regulars for your positive thoughts and well-wishes! I almost feel like we won a victory together!

I’ll be back in my humorous good mood tomorrow. But for now, bottoms up! (No, ladies; that was NOT a sexual reference! Get your minds out of the gutter!)

Here. Have another glass. I’ve got a couple more bottles on ice.

(Eat your heart out, Mick.)


Monica said...

absolute congratulations!!! now pass the champagne!!

Christina said...

Yeah, I'll have a glass or three! And maybe even gloat just a little...

Christina said...

Yeah, I'll have a glass or three! And maybe even gloat just a little...

Candace said...

Great news! I fail to see where I contributed ANYTHING to this, but hey, if YOU think I did, then, uh, you're, you know, welcome!
Oh, and I'm going by my real name, Candace, now, instead of Chenoah. Ol' Hoss outed me. A shame, because I though "Chenoah" sounded so... intelligent. But now it's "Candy" or "Candygirl" or "Candylass" (careful--that's an "L" in there). Oh well. But enough about me. Congratulations, John and Christina! Okay, back to me...

Karyn Lyndon said...

That's awesome news! Justice prevails...oh, and've been Fridge Tagged. See my blog for details.


Michelle said...

Congratulations - that is brilliant news and a great way to start the week.

Christina, I would not gloat a little ..... I would gloat a lot *grin*