Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back Yard Flowers

Carol's been at it again with the digital camera. This time her subject matter wasn't birds; it was flowers.

I'm only going to give you a few samples. I don't have time this afternoon do do a web page layout like I sometimes do.

First, a pink hibiscus:

And here's a close up of the pistil.

Then she moved over to a white hibiscus:

Don't you love the center?

And finally, here's a shot of a flower found in MOST back yards:

Most people try to get rid of the dandelions, but that bug sure seems to like this one.


Ana Lee Kennedy said...


Love the white with the scarlet in the center!

Charli Cole said...

I really fancy the pics.

I love flowers. They always remind me of new beginnings.

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers those are amazing photos of them. I'm so glad you got the digital camera. It takes really good photos. I love your photo postings.

Candace said...

Fantastic pics, Carol! More, more!
Oh, hi John.

Anonymous said...

I also like the white one with red cenetr. beautiful!

Emmy Ellis said...

Your dandelions appear to have finer petals than ours over here. Or maybe that's just my eyesight.



kenju said...

I love hibiscus (and bougainvillea) and try to have them on my deck every summer. Yours are beautiful. I think dandelions should be cultivated so they are no longer considered weeds. Some vacant lots look all the better for the bright bursts of sunshine that are dandelions!