Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day, all!

You who are mothers, who may be mothers at some time hence, and those of you who have mothers. It's a good day to remember, and acknowledge.

I'm very fortunate that my own mother is still alive (and yes, though she lives half a continent away, I called her and reminded her how much I appreciate her), and that I live with the mother of my two children (one of whom is a mother herself!)

And I'm ESPECIALLY blessed that I'm married to a woman whose idea of a Mothers Day treat is to be taken out to the local golf course to play 18 holes!

Ha! Eat your hearts out, guys!


Christina said...

Our mother's day celebration consisted of going out to a Mexican food restaurant last night for fajitas and margaritas, and spending today at the beach. I guess 18 holes of golf is OK too, though, if you like that sort of thing... Maybe you can find some more birds or other animals having sex out there - your readers seem to appreciate the "x-rated" posts!

robotJAM said...

I looked at this post and thought "SH*T I FORGOT MOTHERDAY".

Argghhh, then I thought hang on a sec I'm sure I sent her flowers last month. It seems that you have mothers day on a different day to us.

Please don't scare me like that again :)

Hale McKay said...

"I gave my wife a dozen roses."
"I gave my wife 18!"
"You trying to show up us other men, giving here 18 roses while we only give 12?"
"Not roses! 18 Holes of golf!"

schnoodlepooh said...

Good for you. Happy golfing. My dogs let me sleep in - does that count?

Kirsten said...

Family picnic for me! mmmmmmm burgers :-)

CaliMarie said...

I actually gave a man something for Mother's Day.

Don't know if I can say what it was, though.

Not here.

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks, my MD was very nice. Have you seen my new site? Its at Miss Cellania come see it and update your blogroll!

Michelle said...

I took my mother out for a scrumptious breakfast and we sat around and chatted for hours. I spoilt her rotten with gifts and as usual she was annoyed that I spent money I did not have on her. But what is a goddess supposed to do when you have a mother whom you love to bits. She luuuurved the prezzies though.

Carol is definitely one of a kind.

kenju said...

I do hope that Carol enjoyed her Mother's Day!