Saturday, May 06, 2006

Since you asked...

And several of you did. About the camera that Carol is using to get those really neat shots of birds in our back yard, that is.

We researched features and price for weeks before deciding on the Olympus E-500 SLR digital camera. It's available as just the camera body (worthless unless you have lenses that will work with it) or as a kit with one or several lens and accessory combinations.

Above is the camera itself. The picture is from the Olympus web site. The lens they're showing on it is the 14-45 mm zoom.

Here are the two lenese that came with the kit we opted for:

This one (left) is the 14-45 mm zoom. The one over on the right is the 40-150 mm zoom.

We really wanted to get a lens that would go up to 300 mm, based on our trip to Afriac 5 years ago and our attempts to take wildlife pictures from farther away, but unfortunately money IS an issue.

Let me tell you, those camera manufacturers are really proud of their longer telephoto lenses! Example: The camera kit we bought was under $1,000. Olympus' LIST PRICE for a 300 mm lens (not zoom!) for this camera is $6,999. Oh, sure, you can get it online from retailers and discounters for $5,999. And I imagine e-Bay has them for even less. But...

Anyway, since you asked... Yes! We are very happy so far with our camera purchase.

By the way: We';re getting more rain today, so don't look for a report on golf course fairway cracks. We're wimping out and staying inside!


Anonymous said...

I've been very curious about the kind of camera that you bought. I've been wanting a digital SLR also, and for under $1,000 - well that's really great, especially with two good lenses. I would think that you could find a zoom up to 300 mm that wouldn't require a 2nd mortgage on your home. Nice photos that you've been taking though. I'm soooo glad that you finally went digital.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhhh now I understand why you get such great shots. I am hiding my digital camera from sight. I think I will save up for one of those and spoil myself when I take a trip out next year.

Hale McKay said...

No wonder everyone's pics, including yours, look better than mine. That set-up you have sure beats my "Instamatic 110."
---Actually we aren't much for picture taking.

Shooter said...

I so want an SLR!!! Guess I'll settle for what I have now though. Until the kids are in college.

bigwhitehat said...

I'm using a Canon Rebel XT with a 17-85mm image stablizing lens. It is also an 8MP.

This lens does pretty good macro stuff and excellent in normal shooting range. I will need to get something to reach out and get some shots. Canon has a lens much like mine for the 55-300mm range. As soon as I score $530 bucks to spend on it I will. But I also want to get a good bright flash.